Counter Culture / September 12, 2022

You Can Rent a Tent in Dublin for €30 a Night

Counter Culture / September 12, 2022

You Can Rent a Tent in Dublin for €30 a Night

Words: Ciarán Howley

Well, Airbnb has done it again. 

An eagle-eyed user on Instagram has pointed us in the direction of yet another outrageous AirBnb in Dublin. 

In an undisclosed location near Phoenix Park, you can pay thirty euro per night to sleep in a tent in someone’s back garden. While the current housing crisis has seen many people forced to do this already, the idea anyone would pay to do so is pretty diabolical.

Even for a landlord. 

Inside this “large tent” includes a “mini living room” (a tent porch) with the supposed bedroom featuring a double air mattress, despite the tent supposedly fitting four people. Talk about snug.

Breaking down the costs of a three night stay next week comes to 95 euro with 70 euro covering the stay and – get a load of this – nearly 25 euro for service and cleaning fees. The landlord does allow tenants “full use of the house facilities also, shower and for cooking etc.”

The photos of said house he has graciously posted alongside snaps of the pithy squalor you’ll call home for three nights. It’s a beautiful house, it’s just a shame you won’t be sleeping in it. But don’t worry, this is a chance to be “close to nature” outside “my large house.” The tent is waterproof, in case you were wondering how former guests fared in a climate like Ireland.

Funnily enough, the tent has a five star review based on four people who stayed over the summer. Our guess is that in light of the accommodation shortage facing tourists, the grim reality of paying 30 per night for a tent outweighed paying 300 for a hotel.

While unfortunately there are countless people across the country sleeping in tents this Airbnb ad reads like Philip K. Dick. Get a load of it for yourself.

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