2023 Irish Pop Culture Moments That Changed Our Brain Chemistry

Words: Dylan Murphy

Words: Dylan Murphy

We could say a lot but the end of year burnout is real. So sit back, get your scroll on and enjoy some memes, flops and down right ridiculous moments from the past year in Ireland. From scandals, to music videos connecting Dublin to Compton and cursed event announcements. 2023 permanently altered our brain chemistry.


Coldplay Announcing 4 Gigs in Dublin

Earlier this year, Chris Martin joined Westlife and Garth Brooks as the latest agent of chaos causing mayhem in Croke Park. You can just see them scheming around a cauldron about how many people are going to be pissing in gardens in D3. It sold out instantly too. All for people enjoying live music, but can’t deny there’s something incredibly cursed about these multi-day Viva la vida extravaganzas. Hey Siri, play ‘Yellow’.


Sound Quality Gifts’ Grip On TikTok

We should be talking about Helen’s run on TikTok in the same way people gush over Drake’s Billboard streak. She never misses. The queen of the social media app has made Sound Quality gifts Ireland’s most loved gift store. Carroll’s could never. If you are unfamiliar, get to know.


Spice Bag’s “Politically Motivated Art”

In the world of wrestling they call this “Getting your ass handed to you”. For those unfamiliar, Irish artist Adam Doyle AKA Spice Bag reworked a piece from Cork artist Daniel MacDonald that shows an eviction taking place during the famine to now show Gardai from today. In a debate on Virgin, Editor of the Independent, Fionnan Sheahan, alleges to Spice Bag that his work is “Politically Motivated” – as if all art isn’t inherently political. Fionnan does his best to rile Adam, but he doesn’t flinch, instead making the journalist look like a very silly billy.

Watch the whole thing below:

Joe Biden’s WWE Entrance

This is the worst.

Joe Biden’s WWE entrance last night
byu/CdRnB inireland


Even on a genuinely ridiculous list, this is an easy choice for the strangest Irish pop culture moment. Virgin Media News interviewed Dave Kennedy, an Irish astrophysics enthusiast after a hole appeared in the sand on Portmarnock Beach (As if that is a rare occurrence?). He said he was “certain” that a rock found inside the hole was an asteroid and part of a “cosmic” event.

Probably the only good thing Elon Musk has done with his cursed app is adding the ‘additional context’ note. Crying literal tears when Virgin Media News are fact checked with the words “It is in fact not a cosmic event instead it was dug out the day before by 2 lads with a beach spade”.

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