Dear reader,

If you are wondering where our website has gone, let us put your mind at ease. This week sees the launch of District Issue 007: Chaos, an online magazine that is available exclusively to our Kickstarter backers. The release of Issue 007 will act as a preview for the launch of our new website which will be going live on Monday 28 September.

The Chaos issue lived up to its namesake. Covid 19 cast a shadow of uncertainty over the future of our publication and we were incredibly lucky to be rescued by the generosity of our supporters. Similarly, our cover-star–– Baltimore’s JPEGMAFIA––is chaos personified. Over the course of spending a few hours with us, he jumped around our studio, wielded samurai swords, and narrowly avoided a car crash.

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find features with acts shaping hip hop culture such as Mike Skinner, Freddie Gibbs and Denise Chaila as well as deep dives into the world of squeaky rap and the 10 best Crunk mixtape covers of all time.

Many long-time readers have faithfully backed the site and for that, we want to say thank you. We hope to repay your support with world-class stories for years to come. To all the new faces, we welcome you with open arms.

Here’s to many more,

The District Team x

Read Issue 007 here