Premiere: Gareth Quinn Redmond & Yurn remain optimistic in Tum

Words: Dylan Murphy
Photo: Kojaque
Director: Doni Irawan
Editor: Doni Irawan
Cameraman: Agus Triawan Wardrobe
Location: Agus Triawan
Cast: Ipex Fajar, Ardi Datock
Graded: Oliver Kelly

The pair’s new cut is a resolute offering rising from the embers of a volatile year that looks to inspire hope for brighter days ahead.

On the first day of the new year, Gareth Quinn Redmond and Yurn shared their collaborative project Life’s Slow Build. Following their first collaborative release ‘An Gleo’, the five track EP was sparked by hope for the year ahead and was the result of intense remote writing sessions throughout 2020.

Featuring a sonic palette that calls on lucid synths, evocative string sections, percussion from Dylan Lynch (Soda Blonde, Royal Yellow) and careful keys it’s a piece that deliberately hones in on feelings of optimism in cinematic fashion.

Now, the pair have shared the video for ‘Tum’, a remotely crafted effort that seeks respite from the looming spectre of a merciless year.

Speaking on the collaboration Gareth said, “In the latter half of 2019, I was performing in Smock Alley Theatre supporting the Irish ambient group Saso. After the show, James and I chatted quite briefly, but it was enough to get the ball rolling on our first collaboration, ‘An Gleo Reworked‘. What began as James doing a remix of one of my older songs soon became a full reimagining of the track. We both really enjoyed working with one another and so planned to begin work on a project together.”

“We sent ideas to and fro but it wasn’t until we met up a couple of times in the early part 2020 that the body of work began to take shape. However, just as we were on the right path the pandemic hit. After a few weeks of adjusting to our new lives, we worked on the tracks remotely, passing notes over voice memos. After a couple of weeks of intense writing and recording, we had the bones of the E.P captured but it wasn’t until the end of the year that we began to refine the E.P and help it find its final form.”

James noted that the final product was a welcome surprise after shopping online for editors. 

“I found Doni Irawan through I’ve some tragic results from this site, more often used for weird birthday gifts, so a part of me wasn’t optimistic. I sent Doni the song along with the concept of the EP which we hope would encapsulate change, release, escape and Doni gave me his insight into the song. We took some inspiration from Saint Sister’s ‘Is it too early (Kilmainham)‘ and SOHN’s Bloodflows citing them with Doni and what he came back with blew us away. It was one of the few fiverr positive stories.”

Listen to the full collaborative EP Life’s Slow Build below: