General News / April 3, 2020

6 Tracks you should bump today

General News / April 3, 2020

6 Tracks you should bump today

Here’s six new tracks that dropped this week for you soundtrack the start of your weekend.

Artists are doing their bit to bring a sense of normality to the world by simply continuing to drop tracks. While music may not be a remedy to all ailments it provides that little bit of escape to get through the harder times.

With that in mind we’ve lined-up a few different vibes to soundtrack your weekend.

Cbakl – Making Love

Creating instrumental hip hop is a tricky game. Stones Throw’s own Knxwledge has mastered the art of producing tear jerking instrumentals that cut to the soul, without the need for vocal features. Relying simply on his ability to pull a sense of humanity and soul from samples.

Following in the same vein as Knxwledge, but in his own distinctive style, Portrush producer CBAKL consistently manipulates soul loops and samples to evoke strong emotions. In his latest effort ‘Making Love’, he’s coupled intricate drum patterns that keep you on your toes with breezy vocal samples.

The result is a bouncy track that is has a magnetising energy and hypnotic rhythm.

Zapho – FIGHT ME

Challenging established notions of femininity, Dublin singer Zapho has dropped a groove-laden cut ‘FIGHT ME’.

The visuals maintain a strong queer aesthetic, with the lead in the video setting themselves apart from modern ideals of beauty.

There’s strong Kali Uchis vibes in the vocal delivery, with the bass section of the track bringing a welcomed punch to the instrumentation.

Biig Piig – Switch

In a considerable change of pace, Jess Smyth aka Biig Piig has released a genuinely mosh-inducing anthem.

‘Switch’, borrows dnb drum patterns, enlists subtle bass lines and ups the tempo to reflect hectic and uncertain times.

On instagram Biig Piig said the song is, “about the tension, helplessness and pressure that the world is under right now.”

Celaviedmai – Reckless

2020 and Mai is taking no bullshit.

In a no holds barred cut, Celaviedmai is calling it like it is. Full of raw, unadulterated energy and empowering lyricism Mai has brought yet another rager, primed to incite mosh pits whenever shows are back on the menu.

Awkward Z – Directions

It’s been a minute since we’ve had some fresh Awkward Z, but it’s been worth the wait.

‘Directions’ harnesses everything that piqued fans interest initially with the Waterford spitter. Catching all the pockets, his effortless word play sits neatly on top of the lucid beat.

Reminiscing on the mentality he has now shed, Z is now celebrating growth and he’s deliberately drenched  himself in positivity in his latest cut.

A couple months ahead of time, ‘Directions’ is the perfect track to soundtrack those long summer drives.

Everything Is Recorded Feat. Kean Kavanagh – 09.35 AM / PRETENDING NOTHINGS WRONG

Soft Boy Records’ Kean Kavanagh has teamed up with XL Records founder Richard Russell on a track from his new album under his ‘Everything Is Recorded’ moniker.

Stuck in a ‘Whiskey haze’, Kean laments drunken escapades over a somber instrumental. Painting a picture of a morning teeming with regret, he tries to piece together the night before, timidly calling a friend following his self critical croons.

It’s a relatable anthem for the self-sabateurs.