Art and Design / September 21, 2022

Abode to launch “folklore-inspired” brand at Hen’s Teeth

Image: Abode
Art and Design / September 21, 2022

Abode to launch “folklore-inspired” brand at Hen’s Teeth

Words: Ellen Kenny

Hen’s Teeth will host the launch of HERESY and the latest collection of brands and designers at fashion and lifestyle store Abode General Store.

Fashion and lifestyle store Abode have announced their autumn pop up, taking place in Hen’s Teeth on October 1 and October 2. Starting at 10:00 on October 1, the pop up will launch HERESY, a “folklore-inspired” line of clothing from Abode.

Abode will host a launch party in Hen’s Teeth from 17:00 on October 1, along with a special AV installation by Slaughterhouse Horror Film Club. Abode will also host a free screening of folklore-inspired film ‘The Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971)’ as part of the launch. Adobe promises a “weekend of heretic celebration as we showcase the latest collection of brands and designers” working with the store.

This will be the online store’s third physical pop up. Shoppers can expect to “revel in clothes, music and festivities as we shift into the Autumn Equinox.”

Other brands featured at the pop up include Gramicci and Stan Ray.

Abode first launched in 2021 and focuses on curating purposeful international brands and labels. Adobe carefully select brands that represent consciousness, longevity, and authenticity.

Abode creator Jamie Mann previously told District, “I have always loved the idea of owning something that will last for a long time. Even when looking to buy something for myself, I always try and make sure it’s made good quality and as functional as possible.”

“With this mindset, my selection for brands should follow the same ethos; not weighing in on fashions or trends and staying true to their craft, making sure they are as purposeful as possible.”

“Retail attitudes are changing, people are seeing the value of buying a piece that will last longer,” Jamie explained, “The rise in awareness of unethical production is letting people make informed decisions about what they choose to buy.”

Abode previously hosted pop ups with Tola Vintage and Fumbally Stables.

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