Abode General Store on bringing purpose to fashion

A few months ago, friend of District, Jamie Mann announced that he was opening an online fashion and lifestyle store called Abode. Born out of a feeling that Dublin was lacking more options for curated boutiques, Abode was established in order to provide for those looking for alternatives to fast-fashion. Having been open for a few months, we caught up with Jamie so that he could give us some recommendations as we enter into the summer.

Quite simply, what is Abode? 

Abode is an independent online retail store which launched in 2021. The aim is to showcase brands and products that have purpose.

Can you tell us a little more about your decision to start the shop? 

Well, clothing stores have always been such a big part of growing up for me. Being in these spaces, speaking with shopkeepers, learning about products and brands is such a genuine experience. Being on the opposite side of that conversation is a dream for me.

Retail done well, is important. I think trying to create something that can benefit culture should be the objective, I’m sure you’re well aware! For me, starting the store hopefully means that I can contribute to Ireland’s thriving community.

What is the niche that you’re trying to fill?

I don’t think I’m going for any niche actually? I love all the products and brands that I stock and I feel that other people will too. Ireland has some amazing places to shop and I’d love to be a part of that space. I have selected everything myself, I believe they have a purpose in our day and can affect how we feel.

Tell me about your approach to curation. What are the types of brands you want to work with?

I have always loved the idea of owning something that will last for a long time. Even when looking to buy something for myself, I always try and make sure it’s made good quality and as functional as possible. With this mindset, my selection for brands should follow the same ethos; not weighing in on fashions or trends and staying true to their craft, making sure they are as purposeful as possible.

At the same time, the clothes and products we surround ourselves with are projections of our personality. So, I try not take myself too seriously and have a healthy balance of fun and functionality when selecting brands.

Who comes to mind when you think of your target demographic?

I think retail attitudes are changing, people are seeing the value of buying a piece that will last longer. The rise in awareness of unethical production is letting people make informed decisions about what they choose to buy. You can see this from how important vintage is in Ireland. I think this stems from the respect of well-made garments, to have something meaningful that will hopefully get passed on well into the future. 

I don’t want to act as a gatekeeper, especially with clothing. So to answer your question, I hope Abode will mean many different things to a wide spectrum of people, because at the end of the day, everyone likes to have something that has significance to them.


Sun Buddies Liv

A good pair of sunnies always go down a treat. Sun Buddies champion quality vintage inspired frames in some great colours. You can feel how sturdy these are as soon as you put them on.


Albam Tactical Zip

A beautiful loopback cotton pop over. These types of garments are ideal for transitional weather or late evenings when we can be with friends again. The fit, feel and the colour has everything boxed off.


Rototo Slub Crew Sock

There’s definitely a feeling of accomplishment when you start your day putting on a pair of socks that feel amazing. Made in Japan on vintage knitting looms, Rototo socks epitomise small things done well by skilled craftspeople.


Provider Candle

Lighting a quality candle makes everything better. With the ceramics formed in Japan and then hand poured with soy wax in Sydney, you can really get the love and attention that goes into each candle. The great thing about these, that they are intended to be repurposed into a coffee mug once the candle has burned through!


Stan Ray Pocket Tee

A light boxy tee with a slight dropped shoulders for relaxing times to come. I think a well-put-together tee is essential for any wardrobe. 

Visit abodegeneralstore.com to see the full range of products.