General News / March 13, 2024

An Post Is Connecting These Irish Artists to fans with Exclusive Merch Care Packages

General News / March 13, 2024

An Post Is Connecting These Irish Artists to fans with Exclusive Merch Care Packages

District has teamed up with An Post to curate a line up of the most beloved people in Irish sport, music and design to send love. They’re offering fans the chance to receive exclusive merch, sent from the artists, and stay connected even when the show’s over.

While social media provides the opportunity to instantaneously message and bring big names within close digital proximity, it’s not a substitute for genuine connection. Thankfully, in spite of continued success, for the most part our favourite homegrown artists, designers and actors have all stayed grounded and continued to extend their fan appreciation by sending records, prints, jerseys, and designs through post. During this era of global success, District has joined forces with An Post to bring fans together with their favourite sports teams, artists and designers, by inviting them to send love through exclusive merch and unreleased bits.

Having existed for just short of ten years, we’ve curated a line up that reflects the people that have featured in the District multiverse for the better part of a decade. We’ve brought together Bohemians FC, designer RASHHIIID, artist Aches and musicians Kojaque, Maverick Sabre, NewDad to send gifts as a thank you to lucky fans to deepen their connection to the people that hold them down and support their work.

Bohemian F.C. are at the forefront of community-oriented football clubs. Their initiatives supporting people in Palestine and viral Bob Marley, Thin Lizzy and Fontaines jersey launches showcase that being conscientious and social media-literate are not mutually exclusive – and we’re here for it. More recently, they’ve also teamed up with the Palestinian F.A. to host games with the women’s team in a historic event.

Elsewhere, faux fur designer RASHHIIID has been a regular fixture on our socials and websites. She’s been making waves with her unique designs and handmade luxury faux fur hats have been donned by Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion and more. A genuine trailblazer in fashion, we had to bring her through for one of our most exciting projects to date. It’s increasingly elusive to get your hands on her pieces, so here’s another chance.

There’s few artists more synonymous with District than Kojaque. We’ve previously hosted pre Deli Daydreams gigs with him in the Twisted Pepper and years later featured him on a District Digital cover. Get yourself a magazine that can do both. In that time, he’s remained at the forefront of independent music in Ireland and been Choice Prize nominated three times. Most recently for ‘Phantom of the Afters’, which showed he can go toe to toe with any rapper on the planet.

Meanwhile, Maverick Sabre has been in constant rotation in the office and has been an enduring force for Irish music from day dot. Regardless of the success, he’s continued to intentionally collaborate with artists on the ground in Ireland and nurture upcoming talent. In January, he performed in The Sugar Club with BRICKNASTY, Aby Coulibaly and more. And just a couple of years ago, he rereleased his debut album ‘Lonely Are The Brave’ in order to earn royalties on his art and inspire a new generation of independent musicians. This is the type of artist that inspires us everyday.

We first featured an interview with NewDad in 2021. Back then, they were making their way as an exciting Galway upstart, but now, after their debut album, they are ready to take over the world. Sure, ‘MADRA’, positions them at forefront of shoegaze and alternative rock, but they are also incredibly sound heads. They even dropped by the office recently to explain the Minecraft lore that resulted in a fan staying on their couch for a week in the lead up to their album. Never change, NewDad!

Last but not least, Aches, one of Dublin’s most cherished artists. We’ll never forget seeing his mural of Savita Halappanavar, which quickly became one of the defining images of the Repeal the 8th movement, all those years ago. A true artist in every sense of the word, one that uses his talent to shine light on important social issues. He joins the other five inclusions in sending love to lucky fans.

The contents of the packages from the artists, players and designers sending love will be revealed soon. Keep your eyes peeled on the artists socials as well as District & An Post to find out how they’ll Send Love to you and what they have in store.