Music / June 14, 2023

Archy Moor Is Re-evaluating Relationships in ‘Don’t Send For Your Dogs’

Archy Moor and Earl Saga by @DHAGREN
Music / June 14, 2023

Archy Moor Is Re-evaluating Relationships in ‘Don’t Send For Your Dogs’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The Dublin-based rapper returns with a new single hot on the heels of his debut EP Bonnie Hill.

In the first couple of years of his career in music, Archy Moor remained a relatively elusive figure. The music he released was top drawer but released irregularly and left listeners hungry for more. However, now, the rapper is truly hitting his stride with the release of ‘Don’t Send For Your Dogs‘ which lands today ahead of a rumoured second project.

Arriving via London label Cloud X, Archy ponders about the often transactional relationships in the music industry. In a search for clarity and transparency, he recounts his own experiences over production from close collaborator Earl Saga (Loyle Carner, SPIDER, Finn Askew).

The single comes after the release of his debut EP Bonnie Hill, which dropped in February this year and also featured production from Earl throughout.

Speaking on the song, Archy says, “We revisited vinyls from our trip to Japan and South Korea in 2022 which influenced a lot of the sounds on this record. This song is about recharging with oneself and not being tied down to a persona based through friends. An expression about individuality and always looking out for yourself because at the end of the day you’re the only one you can rely on.”

“Send for your dogs, but would they ever send for me?” This line encapsulates the entire song, it talks on how people you might do favours for etc might not do the same for you if you were in the same bind. For me I want the song to be a catalyst for people to re-evaluate those in their life and discover their true intentions be it genuine or transactional.”

It comes ahead of a rumoured EP. You can read more about Archy in our Future of Irish Music 2021 feature.

Listen to ‘Don’t Send For Your Dogs‘ below:

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