Entertainment / August 8, 2022

Culture Night will last later into the night this year

Image: Culture Night
Entertainment / August 8, 2022

Culture Night will last later into the night this year

Words: Ellen Kenny

The annual Culture Night will live up to its name this year with several night events lasting into the early hours.

The organisers of Culture Night have announced that they have increased the number of late night events for their annual programme.

Over one thousand cultural events will happen across the country on 23 September. Organised by the Arts Council and local authorities, this will be the first fully in-person Culture Night since the pandemic.

Some of the new late night events include Night Shift, an outdoor journey through the landscapes of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. This tour will bring participants through the grounds where sited histories and collection works will be framed by eerie interventions.

More events will also be announced across the evening closer to the time. New night events will last until at least 02:00.

Minister for Culture Catherine Marin said, “It is really encouraging to see Culture Night pushing the boundaries this year and supporting and promoting the night-time economy with a programme of late-night flagship events and facilitating later openings of arts and cultural venues across the country.”

Director of the Arts Council Maureen Kennelly said that the annual event “is a night for us all to come together and enjoy our culture while also reminding us of the artistic and creative experiences that continue to be available to us year round.”

“It’s all entirely free and at a time when many of us have cost of living concerns on our minds it’s great that you can actually sample Ireland’s culture for free.”

Night-time Economy

The Department for Arts and Culture have recently put more effort into supporting Ireland’s nighttime cultural activities. The Government also recently added 1.4 million euros to the Night-Time Economy Support Scheme.

The funding allows pubs, nightclubs, cafes and other premises to apply for support to trial a series of cultural activities. Events include music, comedy, dance, literature, poetry, theatrical productions, plays, craft and art/photographic exhibitions.

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