Food / May 26, 2021

Dame Lane’s Berlin D2 bar license has been revoked

Food / May 26, 2021

Dame Lane’s Berlin D2 bar license has been revoked

The move comes as a response to a breach in “public health guidelines” during a brunch event that was held last year

Berlin D2 bar on Dublin 2’s Dame Lane has had its license revoked, by a district court judge. This move has been attributed to a breach in public health guidelines that took place during a “boozy brunch” event in August 2020.

A District Court judge has ruled against renewing any of the Dame Lane venue’s four licenses, reports Virgin Media.

Judge Marie Quirke described the conduct of the venue as “neglectful, irresponsible” and “disorderly”.

Despite a public apology issued by the venue following the brunch, Quirke claimed there was a “scheme” in place to breach guidelines. This claim was informed by the findings of undercover custom officers who visited Berlin D2 in September 2020.

Videos of the brunch which took place on August 15 2020 circulated social media of a staff member on a bar pouring shots into dancing customers’ mouths, lead to the vintners’ group describing the event as “outrageous and appalling”.

Front of house manager John Duggan told the Irish Times that during the event he attempted to keep customers in their designated areas and reprimanded the staff member for distributing drinks from the bar.

“I made mistakes that did not fully reflect my management style, I would do a lot of things differently, and I’m sorry,” Duggan said.

Berlin D2 bar is yet to make a comment on the ruling, it is unknown as yet whether they will submit an appeal.

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