Art and Design / October 28, 2022

Hang Tough announces final 2022 solo exhibition with James Earley

Image: James Earley
Art and Design / October 28, 2022

Hang Tough announces final 2022 solo exhibition with James Earley

Words: Ellen Kenny

Hang Tough Contemporary will present “Compounded Fractures” by James Earley in early November as its last solo exhibition this year.

Art studio Hang Tough Contemporary has announced its final solo art exhibition will take place with Dublin-based artist James Earley. From November 3 to November 20, the studio will exhibit “Compounded Fractures” a new collection of Earley’s stained glass .

“Compounded Fractures” is an exhibition exploring the intricate and complex connections between all the decisions we make in life. According to Hang Tough, “For every choice there can be multiple outcomes. These are weighed up, ahead of making a perceived ‘correct’ choice.”

“Complex decisions can be plagued with indecision from doubt and uncertainty, leading to heightened, internalised stress.⁠”

Earley’s stained glass pieces will explore the emotion behind laying out your life decisions. As a material with in-built tension due to the thermal stresses that occur in its formation, Hang Tough think that glass is the perfect material to explore themes of indecision and stress: “When a sheet of it breaks the tension is released through a series of linear fractures in an unpredictable and explosive manner. It is this moment in time that is captured within the series of works.”

James Earley is an Irish artist based in Dublin. He produces abstracted works that bring together traditions of graffiti painting, design and stained glass art. Using digital technology to create traditional analogue art, Earley embraces technology to create complex, layered, highly charged conceptual compositions.

“Compounded Fractures” is the studio’s second last exhibition in 2022. Hang Tough Contemporary will also host the Winter Print Show over the month of December, featuring artists such as Ror Conaty, Eileen O’Sullivan and Threadstories.

Tickets for the “Compounded Fractures” exhibition are free. Click here to register.

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