Music / April 26, 2023

KhakiKid Teams Up With Carsten2x on ‘Underbite’

Image Credit: khakikid by fnati.c paula trojner
Music / April 26, 2023

KhakiKid Teams Up With Carsten2x on ‘Underbite’

Words: Dray Morgan

Irish artists Khakikid and Carsten2x drop their track ‘Underbite’ with an accompanying powerful music video.

‘Underbite’ sees Khaki lean into a new sonic palette, melding layered and heavily distorted vocals giving an energy crossed between Kid Cudi and JPEGMAFIA. With bracing hyperpop beats arriving in and switching up the track at breakneck speed, it is a sonic contrast to the jazz inflected hip-hop that formed his debut EP.

A more melodic contribution from Carsten2x gives us the respite we need from the fierce energy displayed by KhakiKid.

The lyrics delve into the feeling of being lost or stuck in a dark place, a theme that is beautifully captured in the music video. The video features haunting and intense visuals that serve as a perfect complement to the track’s overall vibe, showcasing the versatility of Khakikid’s artistic vision.

KhakiKid explained how the track came about, “Carsten had this hook about being down and out, and how you don’t want others to see you when you’re in that state.” 

Previous to this single, Khaki’s aesthetic had been centered around a mellow, innocent soundscape. Here we get a grittier contrast with visual elements that give off nothing but intensity. It’s a welcomed diversion from the usual for the Dublin man. Overall, ‘Underbite’ is a powerful and thought-provoking release that showcases the evolution of Khakikid’s sound.

Khakikid is set to begin a headlining tour around the UK and Ireland at the beginning of May. He’ll be hitting up The Road To The Great Escape Festival in Dublin on 9 May.

From producing in his bedroom he shared with his three brothers, to touring in other countries, Khakikid has set himself up to be one of the most exciting Irish rappers that have come out recently. Whether he sticks with his mellow energy or continues creating mosh-worthy tracks, it’s no doubt he’ll be captivating audiences.

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