/ March 24, 2021

Listen to Jar Jar Jr’s ‘Fallen Angel’ and cop his new EP on wax

/ March 24, 2021

Listen to Jar Jar Jr’s ‘Fallen Angel’ and cop his new EP on wax

The enigmatic Cork production maestro has shared new music and news of a limited run of pressings for his new EP.

In the past five years Ireland has become home to a flurry of talented producers paying homage to Madlib and inspired by the swinging and unquantized drums of J Dilla. Arguably at the forefront of that wave is Cork producer Jar Jar Jr.

Jar Jar worked extensively on Kojaque‘s Choice Prize-nominated ‘Deli Daydreams’ and for long periods had a tight grip on Soundcloud’s beatmaking scene. He’s worked hard at getting his music on streaming services over the past few months and has been working quietly on re-releasing his Fallen Angel Mixtape, which he has now revealed will be getting pressed on wax.

Providing some insider info on the themes and samples involved Jar Jar said, “The storyline of Act One essentially tells of a Villainous protagonist who plans to destroy the world and inevitably does. The dialogue is made up of soundbites from various TV shows and Stanley Kubricks’ Dr. Strangelove.” 

“Act Two takes us back ten years and serves as a precursor to the storyline developed in the first instalment. We hear of infidelity and heartbreak in the opening audio collage (a nod to Monster Zero off the King Gheedorah album). The sample is one of the most obscure things I have ever found. It’s a cut from the soundtrack of a 70’s porno. I couldn’t find something worthy of it’s use until now.”

Speaking on his fondness of the masked villain Jar Jar said, “DOOM’s passing threw me (with two hands) back into that world.”

“I started revisiting everything by him I had ever known, not excluding my own work. I have always had a soft spot for my baby, Fallen Angel. To me it’s timeless. I had always wished I could have reworked more tracks off the original album (Madvillainy). Aided by developments in technology a knack for the techie stuff, I was able to get a hold of the remaining vocals. In the weeks after DOOM’s passing, I made remixes to, in a weird way, grieve the loss of a titan. I tend to get very emotionally attached to characters in stories, even though I am fully aware they are fictional. So losing a character like DOOM was gutting to me, and I felt it more than I should.”

Listen to the first track from the project ‘Fallen Angel‘ below:

The vinyl is limited to 100 copies, click here to pre-order.

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