Entertainment / May 18, 2022

Our 5 favourite cameos on Derry Girls season three

Entertainment / May 18, 2022

Our 5 favourite cameos on Derry Girls season three

Words: Eva O’Beirne

To say we’re going to miss Derry Girls is an understatement.

Ahead of the one-hour series finale tonight, we’re looking back at the best guest appearances of season three.

  1. Michael Fry

Irish Twitter’s own BigDirtyFry made a memorable cameo in episode three as a rather snarky train conductor with “display-only” KitKats.

Michael has also become an unofficial spokesperson for Irish Rail and their current snack shortage crisis.

A trip down the country just isn’t the same without a cup of tea to keep you going.

  1. Sinéad Burke

Forget making the cover of Vogue, you know you’ve made it when you appear on Derry Girls.

The Irish writer, academic and disability activist appeared in the series finale last night as Margaret Callaghan, a presenter with UTV News that interviews Michelle about an incident involving FatBoy Slim.

  1. Vanessa Ifediora

Actress and freelance photographer Vanessa Ifediora has been killing it recently, with appearances in Belfast (2021) as well as Conversations with Friends.

Although not really a cameo as acting is her profession, we were delighted to see the Belfast-born icon pop up in Derry Girls as a love interest for Claire.

We also loved this throwback posted by Michael of the pair on the classic Try Channel.

  1. Conleth Hill

Game of Thrones and Derry Girls crossover?

Lord Varys is almost unrecognisable in this role. In episode four, Hill stars as a glamourous, camp and probably fake medium Carlos Santini who seeks to connect Ma Mary and Aunt Sarah with their deceased mother.

  1. Liam Neeson

It’s the Big Fella himself.

Liam portrayed a RUC police inspector in the opening episode of the latest series, interrogating the Derry Girls gang about their involvement in a school burglary.

With one more hour-long special left in the series, we’re currently on tender hooks as to who will be the last guest in the series. But even if there isn’t one, we won’t mind. Extra Sister Michael content is good enough for us.

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