Music / December 14, 2023

Pippa Moloney’s ‘Angels’ is a Dúchas-Inspired Folk Mirage

Pippa Moloney Still from 'Angels' video
Music / December 14, 2023

Pippa Moloney’s ‘Angels’ is a Dúchas-Inspired Folk Mirage

Video by Pippa Molony, Rory Sweeney, Cormac Campbell and Cian McCarthy
DOP: Cormac Campbell
Additional Sony Ericsson Footage: Cian McCarthy
Production: Arianna Owens
Styling & Cyanotype Dress by Lucy Folan Kennedy
Starring: Blaithin Ward Sarah Kelly Hannah Cullen Marie Helene and Millie Molony
Words: Dylan Murphy

The multidisciplinary artist from Dublin announces her new EP, produced by Rory Sweeney with new dreamlike visuals.

Having established herself as a filmmaker working with the likes of Aby Coulibaly, Ahmed, With love., EFÉ and more, Pippa Moloney is making her first step into sharing music of her own. Her debut single ‘Angels’, is produced by Rory Sweeney and lands alongside a video made in collaboration with Cormac Campbell and Cian McCarthy.

Ambient, folk and electronic coalesce in the new cut, with Pippa’s vocals running parallel to the instrumental’s gradual release. Pulling inspiration from old folklore, the video for ‘Angels’ is the result of hours of digging through Dúchas. One story in particular, which Pippa found on the School’s Collection describes an instance where a woman looks out her window and sees ‘angels’ or fairies dancing in front of a supernatural blue light. This was injected directly into the new music video as Pippa expanded the story herself, imagining that the woman would be keen to join them, even if it meant leaving her own physical realm.

Shot on Super8 film by Cormac Cambell, with other footage coming courtesy of Cian McCarthy on a Sony Ericsson, the imagery throughout the visuals are heavily inspired by the images available from the Dúchas library.

Speaking on the collaboration with Rory Sweeney, Pippa says, “Rory and I have been working on tunes together for a few years now. I more or less got into music accidentally through Rory actually, singing on the soundtrack of one of his films in the first year of college”, she explains.

“The instrumental for this track is all made from samples of Rory’s voice. He brought it to me during a recording session for another track (also set to be on the EP) and when I heard it, I just riffed over it with a melody. We got it down in more or less one take. I rewrote the lyrics afterwards”.

“I feel like Rory and I have such different influences, and so when we create work together, we are pulling from such varying pools of reference to combine together, making for an interesting sound. However, for the song we were definitely into the idea of the otherworld, given the dúchas/folklore influence, and we were into creating something that evoked a sense of this sonically. We were chatting about realms and fairies, and feelings of being on the outside of something trying to break in”.

Angels’ also lands as the first single from her forthcoming debut EP Hungry Ghost which is due to drop in the new year.

Watch the video for ‘Angels’ below:

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