Music / February 8, 2023

Premiere: E The Artist and Rory Sweeney wreak havoc in ‘Bismallah’ video

E The Artist and Rory Sweeney, photo credit: Evan Cahill
Music / February 8, 2023

Premiere: E The Artist and Rory Sweeney wreak havoc in ‘Bismallah’ video

Words: Dylan Murphy

The frequent collaborators are joined by Julia Louise Knifefist in the manic new visuals.

E The Artist and Rory Sweeney have built up a formidable partnership in the past couple of years. Alongside the likes of Ahmed, With Love. and a host of other artists residing in the capital, they are bouncing between whatever genre takes their fancy without compromising on quality.

This time, the pair are releasing a cut indebted to Memphis hip hop and southern phonk. ‘Bismallah’ takes inspiration from pioneering artists like Project Pat and Tommy Wright who now hold cult status amongst loyal listeners.

Featuring E The Artist, Julia Louise Knifefist, Rory Sweeney, Evan Cahill and Nathan Kennedy, the Evan Cahill directed visuals see them rip through a forest.

Speaking on the video, Rory says, “For the video, we moshed in a forest to ‘Show Me The Body‘, beat up Daranijoh (E The Artist) and ran around in the dark for a few hours. We brought Julia Louise Knifefist and his energy definitely drives a lot of the video”. He explains. “Definitely very jumpy and childish, it was a whole lotta fun to shoot”.

It comes after the pair have featured frequently on the capital’s club circuit and is E The Artist’s first single since ‘Shallows‘ that features his vocals.

In an exciting piece of news, Rory also revealed he had a new project on the way. “Towards the end of this year, I have an album featuring rappers from across Ireland and the UK rapping on classic Memphis / southern style beats. The album is a love letter to that era and movement. It features Tony Bontana, EMBY, Celaviedmai, Curtisy, Keanu The Pilot, Yeire13 and Malik amongst many others”

We caught up with Rory, Evan and E ahead of the release of the video.

What inspired the video?

Evan: “As for the aesthetic of the video, I had watched the music video for FLOHIO – Glamourised, Directed by Ethan + Tom a few years back, and I instantly bought a nature trail camera to get that infrared look. I had this loose idea of some kind of eery video set in a forrest for maybe 2 years after that, but didn’t quite know what I wanted to use it for. I just needed a song that was rough and abrasive enough to suit the aesthetic.

Daranijoh sent me the track February last year and I knew it was the one. Everyone brought crazy energy on shoot day, they took my rough idea and ran with it.”

Can you describe the creative process of the song coming together?

E The Artist: “The song was brought together by a combination of cold showers, 6am alarms and my father being the executive of a multinational music label. 90% of the track came about in the first 30 minutes of working on it. No part of this kind of music or anything artistically really should come from critical thinking, if it isn’t initially within you, don’t say it.”

What can we expect from the collaboration album?

Rory: “I’m working on a phonk record that is a love letter to early southern hip hop. Southern hip hop in the 90s is an incredibly and creatively free era and a lot of it is far more future-facing than contemporary hip hop, particularly the work of Tommy Wright iii and Princess Loko. Expect a load of rap features from across Ireland and the UK along with crazy samples and sound design. Definitely my most club friendly and moshable record.”

Keep your eyes peeled for that and in the meantime watch the premiere of the brand new video below:

Watch the video below:

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