Music / August 12, 2022

Premiere: Demigosh reinvents himself on monochrome visuals for ‘First Son’

Demigosh, Photo Credit: Emilien Itim
Music / August 12, 2022

Premiere: Demigosh reinvents himself on monochrome visuals for ‘First Son’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The Blackfish collective member recontextualises his first single of 2022 in the new video.

The most compelling artists take the path-less-travelled at every opportunity. Afro-Irish multi-hyphenate Demigosh’s genre-agnostic antics has him comfortably falling into this category. Having released a collection of expansive singles since 2018, each more ambitious than the last, Demi returned after a short break in May of 2022 with ‘First Son’. The start of a new era for the electronic artist, he’s now doubled down with a disorienting and beautiful video for the cut.

Polished and raw all at once, Demigosh is effortlessly pairing seemingly contradictory motifs as though they were steak and red wine in the video for ‘First Son’. Melding glam-rock inspired guitars with an extraterrestrial delivery that shares DNA with trailblazers like Moor Mother, The Irish-raised, London-based multidisciplinary artist is edging closer to his final form throughout the black and white imagery.

We’ve got the exclusive first watch of the new video and ahead of the release Demigosh chatted to us about the video.

Why’d you want to make this your first video of the year? 

My first single of the year is ‘First Son‘ so naturally it deserved the first video of the year too. Instead of making a music video that matched the context and subject of the single I decided instead to use the single as a soundtrack or score for a conceptual short I had written a while back. 

The result is the visuals I’m putting out. 

What were you consuming that helped inspire this piece?

I had been consuming a lot of sci-fi films prior to writing the conceptual short. I rewatched all the aliens film I’m madly in love with the set designer HR Geiger  James Cameron is obviously also a wizard at directing. These are probably why I adopted a sci-fi there for the short. I’ve been watching a lot of content from Moses Gabriel, Ib Kamara and Caleb Femi. All very different stylistically but all create the most beautiful moving images.

I was doing research for a separate project and  I ended up watching a lot of film noir movies which inspired the back and white direction and film style.

What’s the plans for the rest of the year?

If I can get my EP done in time then yes I will drop that before the year ends. I’ve been working on the songs for about 3 years now so… Literally in a session mixing my next single as I write this.
A shadeemus project coming for sure.

Watch the video for ‘First Son’ below:

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