Music / October 27, 2023

The Cope Announce Debut Album and Share Video for ‘Find Another Way’

Photography: Alina Pagani
Music / October 27, 2023

The Cope Announce Debut Album and Share Video for ‘Find Another Way’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The forthcoming record features contributions from Shiv, Sorcha Richardson, Miche Moreno and more.

Audio-visual artists David Anthony Curley and Joe Furlong AKA The Cope have come through with a pulsing new cut as they go full throttle into release mode. Entering a new era following the release of their self-titled EP and a host of summer festival appearances, the pair share visuals for ‘Find Another Way’.

Following dancer Niharika Senapati through the city, it doubles down on their immersive approach to world building as the kinetic visuals and emotive sounds coalesce as part of a heartbreak you can dance to. For The Cope and co-director Ross Andrew Stewart, she was the perfect collaborator for the piece.

“The energy of the track brought me back to classic cityscape videos of the 90s, like The Beastie Boys’ ‘Shake Your Rump’ or The Pharcyde’s ‘Drop’” David says. We knew we would need an incredible mover to match the heat of the vocal, and Niharika Senapati did just that, she is a true artist. In the end it was just a really fun day running around Antwerp, Belgium, and figuring it all out as we went.”

Speaking on the track, The Cope’s Joe Furlong says, “‘Find Another Way‘ draws inspiration from some of our favourite 90’s dance tracks, in particular it mirrors the themes of heartbreak and desire found in Rui Da Silva’s ‘Touch Me‘ and Robin S’ ‘Show Me Love‘. A desire for connection is the most human of all needs. It can be very easy for what was once a deep love to be lost over time, maybe due to complacency, communication breakdown, or just through life getting in the way. It’s in these moments that we’re forced to ask ourselves if the energy required to fix the fractures is worth expending. Memories can be all consuming, which makes it even harder to know when to let someone go, ‘Find Another Way‘ asks what can be done to keep a love alive when all else seems to have failed.”

The new track and visuals also lands with news of The Cope’s debut album Dancer, which arrives on December 8 2023. They are celebrating the release with a full audio-visual show in The Complex, Dublin on December 7. Click here for tickets.

Watch ‘Find Another Way’ below:

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