Music / October 27, 2023

New Albums: Kojaque, Offica, CASISDEAD & more

Photo credit : Conor James
Music / October 27, 2023

New Albums: Kojaque, Offica, CASISDEAD & more

Words: Dylan Murphy

With the endless onslaught of new music every Friday it’s hard to keep up with all the new releases. We’ve curated the essential new albums and projects out today for you to check out.


Dublin rapper Kojaque‘s sophomore album lands independently today following singles with Biig Piig, Wiki and a lot of world building for his new character Jackie Dandelion.

Offica – Hokage: Pt. 1

Another record dropping in a huge day for rap in Ireland. Drogheda’s own Offica shares his debut project, with the unexpected note that it’s only part one. Considering there are 14 tracks of straight heat here, we’re more than ready for part 2.

CASISDEAD – Famous Last Words

Enigmatic British rapper CASISDEAD finally shares his debut album after a decade in the game and it’s worth the wait. Made up of 23 tracks, Famous Last Words dips into an immersive sci-fi inspired world dreamt up by the London-based rapper slaloming between loss, regret and uncertainty.

Brent Faiyaz – Larger Than Life

It’s always a good day when Brent drops. His latest record Lager Than Life features Missy Elliott, A$AP Rocky and more. Tap in.

JGrrey – If Not Now?

London-based singer JGrrey shares her new mixtape If Not Now? which lands with features from Zombie Jewice of Flatbush Zombies, Kojey Radical and more.

Jennifur – Things Don’t Change Until They Do

Jennifur is impossible to box in. Having just completed production for the PS5 and XBOX ONE snowboarding game Shredders, he’s on to the next with his latest record Things Don’t Change Until They Do. Blending nocturnal samples, weighty synths, breaks and atmospheric soundscapes without ever feeling too busy, he’s created a genuinely ambitious album that gets better with every listen. There’s shared DNA with the emotive pulses of Ross From Friends’ debut record in here, but it’s unmistakably its own record.

DJ Shadow – Action Adventure

Trip hop innovator DJ Shadow returns with a brand new instrumental album.

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