Art and Design / October 3, 2023

Learn Irish With Ireland’s Leading Creative Gaeilgeoirí

Art and Design / October 3, 2023

Learn Irish With Ireland’s Leading Creative Gaeilgeoirí

Words: Dray Morgan

Trailblazery and Manchán Magan have announced their second iteration of Scoil Scarte, with the immersive Irish language experience commencing on 5 October. The experience welcomes some of the most pioneering Gaeilgeoirs in modern Ireland, including the Oscar-nominated Irish language director of An Cailín Ciúin, Colm Bairéad.

It’s not hard to find someone who didn’t enjoy how the school system teaches the Irish language. However, it doesn’t have to be a painstaking experience. In fact, immersing yourself in an online world with people who are passionate about their craft and their heritage can revolutionise a learning experience.

Trailblazery in collaboration with Manchán Magan presents Scoil Scairte, ‘Hedge School as Gaeilge’, a nine-week immersive experience to nurture a love for the Irish language and culture alongside some of the most prominent As Gaeilge creatives in the country.

Utilising singing, dancing, spoken word, rapping, sport, knitting and much more, guests will guide you through a discovery of how the Irish language can be embraced and appreciated. The award-winning cultural program weaves heritage, language, placemaking, creativity, folklore and indigenous wisdom with individual, social and ecological well-being.

Moreso now than ever, the Irish language is being appreciated by young people. The acknowledgement of Gaeilge on an international level is becoming more prominent each year, especially in the world of arts. Representative of far more than just a means of communication, becoming familiar with the Irish language is a process of cultural preservation.

22 guests are set to grace the course, bringing their unique perspectives on the Irish language. This includes the Director and the Producer of the only ever Irish language Oscar-nominated film, An Cailín Ciúin , Colm Bairéad and Cleona Ní Chrualaoí.

The project’s creation is based on the tradition of “Hedge Schools”. These schools were non-conformist education groups which fought to keep the Irish language and culture alive during its ban by the Penal Laws of the 1700s. The ethos of these schools stay the same through to today with the project still fighting to preserve Irish heritage through alternative means.

Scoil Scairte is more than just an educational journey, it is an opportunity to explore personal heritage and collaborate with those who share the same passions. The nine-week course costs 225.00 euro and commences at 19:00 on 05 October. Click here to book your spot on the course.

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