Art and Design / August 2, 2023

This Exhibition Is Combining Traditional Art With Futurist Technology

Image Credit: Phase
Art and Design / August 2, 2023

This Exhibition Is Combining Traditional Art With Futurist Technology

Words: Dray Morgan

Multimedia artists are collaborating with Irish technological futurists to showcase the ways humans can harness a new era of computing.

The Worlds Collide exhibition kicks off on 5 August, examining the synergy between computers and people creating art.

Over the two-week period, live music, physical and digital exhibitions and conversations will take place. On 11 August, the audiovisual project Minced Oath by artist Dunk Murphy will be performed, including live visuals layered using multisensory software Maxmsp.

A variety of panels and exhibitions will be on display at Phase Space Arts in Rathgar, exploring Web3 and how it can be used as a tool for creative expression.

Unorthodox technology has been used for decades to subvert musical norms and create new soundscapes. Pauric Freeman has been experimenting with audiovisual designs and utilising his background in computer software development to create experiences that display a symbiotic relationship between visuals and sound.

The announcement follows Phase’s establishment earlier this year which has seen multiple events being exhibited including artists fronting new ideas.

As well as harbouring a place for creative liberation and collaboration, Phase also serves the purpose of keeping its local area flourishing. The space has given a former idle warehouse a new lease of life. Artists took it upon themselves to transform the former derelict space into an area that not only displays art but has the facilities to create it.

Phase is a platform for alternative forms of artistry as well as alternative canvas spaces. The building itself is the space for art to be created upon. The transformation of the area is continuously developing with a dynamic experience through 21 artists over 14 days.

Worlds Collide takes place from 11 – 19 July in Phase Arts Space, Rathgar. Click here to grab tickets to the events.

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