District’s November Gig Guide: CMAT, Playboi Carti & More

We’re knee-deep in gig season now and you can tell by how stacked this month’s roster is. Jack Daniels and District share an authentic love for music culture and we thought who better to team up with to celebrate the best new gigs. Every month, we’re handpicking the must-see shows in the capital, ranging from underground rappers in dimly lit rooms to rising stars on sold-out tours.

03 November

Lancey Foux

Venue: The Academy Green Room

Doors: 19:00

Tickets: €25.00, available here

A hypertrap sound which seems to be taking the world by storm. In recent times Lancey has transcended the UK with his one-of-a-kind delivery and become a heavy hitter in the conversation of the future of British hip hop. Last time Lancey touched down here was last year for festival season where he had the crowd on strings. Being one of the most electric performers in UK rap right now, there’s no doubt this show will be the same.

05 November


Venue: Whelan’s

Doors: 20:00

Tickets: €20.00, available here

Probably the single best background story of any band in modern music. Discovered through a record in a charity shop and reunited after 20 years of inactivity, Panchiko have released their second album two decades after their first. There’s something striking about friends reuniting after a lifetime apart to tour the world, that permeates through their music Keep an eye on District Music for more on this one.

06 November


Venue: National Stadium Dublin

Doors 19:00

Tickets: €39.00, available here

November is shoegaze season and it continues with Slowdive. A legendary force in their corner of the music world, the group have been performing for over 30 years now. Their album Souvlaki is considered one of the best of its kind. After a 22-year hiatus, the band came back in 2017 and saw their most commercially successful work released 31 years after their debut. What better way to welcome the winter than with sombre distortion and ethereal lyricism.

17 November


Venue: Whelan’s

Doors: 20:00

Tickets: €13.00, available here

After three years, Nealo is set to release his latest project November Medicine alongside his show to celebrate the drop. With his introspective tone, Nealo’s sound couldn’t be further from his punk roots. A matured voice which redirects angst into heartfelt hip hop that explores the multifaceted struggles of the day-to-day.

17 November


Venue: Vicar Street

Doors: 20:00

Tickets: €30.00, available here

A stellar gig to celebrate a stellar album. When Koajque drops, the country listens. A new era of Kojaque is upon us, hand in hand with the newly ordained cultural icon which is Jackie Dandelion. The world crafted around this album has been equally as fascinating as the music itself, which will come to life through the Night At The Opera tour.

19 November

Playboi Carti & Opium Members

Venue: 3Arena

Doors: 18:30

Tickets: €53.00, available here

Attend at your own risk. Carti shows are famous for their moshpits and unadulterated rage. Playboi Carti’s evolution from SoundCloud rapper to a Gothic Count of alternative trap has been a marvel to watch. Accompanied by his label-mates, Ken Carson and Destroy Lonely, the 3Arena is set to be turned into a vampire’s paradise.

24 November


Venue: Whelan’s

Doors: 20:00

Tickets: €15.00, available here

Bricknasty dropped a contender for Irish project of the year with INA CRUELER. Nobody can make subjects so solemn sound so smooth. We could listen to that bass paired with the Ballymun accent forever. Poetic lyricism paired with the brutalist world that the band have created with their sound an aesthetic.

27 November

Yves Tumor

Venue: 3Olympia

Doors: 19:00

Tickets: €26.00, available here

The bizarre brilliance of Yves Tumor will be on display at the Olympia. Born in Turin, Yves’ musical inspirations are evidently varied. A cathartic sound drawing on elements of rock, pop and psychedelia, shrouded in mystery much like the artist behind it.

29 November


Venue: 3Olympia

Doors: 19:00

Tickets: €28.00, available here

She’s back! Following the release of the fantastic ‘Crazymad, For Me’, an appearance on the Graham Norton Show and a billboard in Times Square, 2023 has been the year of the CMAT. A sound so glamourous but with that country edge, CMAT has managed to capture the hearts of a nation. With four back to back dates in Dublin and a Fairview Park show come summer, there’s plent of opportunities to don that cowboy hat.