Premiere: Tullamore D.E.W. x District: More Than Ever

Director: Ellius Grace
Script: Felispeaks
Talent: Adam Mohamed
Cinematographer: Albert Hooi
Editor: John Cutler at Motherland
First AC: JP Quill
Sound: Steven Power
Styling: Zoe Redmond
Sound Design: Jenny O’Malley
Colourist: Leandro Arouca, Element Post Production
Produced by Studio District

Words: Staff Writer

We’ve teamed up with Tullamore D.E.W. to celebrate Ireland’s evolving identity with the short film ‘More Than Ever’. Featuring words written by Felispeaks and performed by up-and-coming spoken word artist Adam Mohamed, it sees the poet explore the Island and its increasingly rich and diverse culture.

Ireland’s greatest storytellers have always shined a light on the nuances of identity and the vibrancy of Irish culture. These features have never been static and capturing them in their essence threads new life into an ongoing tapestry that sprawls wider with each new neighbour and every shared experience.

‘More Than Ever’ documents this relationship and explores the melting pot that is modern Ireland. It brushes the dust off outdated conceptions, cuts the gimmicks and brings genuine experiences to the forefront. Featuring words written by acclaimed playwright Felispeaks and performed by up-and-coming spoken word artist Adam Mohamed, the short film sees the pair maintain the island’s rich traditions as they carry the torch for the next generation of writers in a celebration of Ireland’s increased diversity.

Taking viewers through everywhere from the bustling streets of Ireland’s modern metropolises to the quiet snugs of rural Ireland, ‘More Than Ever‘ celebrates the shop fronts, Asian and African markets and newsagents as much as it does the village shops and quiet snugs.

It’s through this myriad of stories that are different, but equally Irish, that ‘More Than Ever’ provides a vignette into the face of modern Ireland.

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