#3: Top 5 best looking things to eat in Dublin this week

Words by Emily Mullen and design by Paul Murphy

Here’s what’s been making us weak this week

Just as night follows day, the bank holiday proceeding a working week is honour bound to be a good one. It’s brief, just four days long, but it also leaves us in a blissful state of never quite knowing what day it is. Starting work on a Tuesday means you trot headlong into the week at full tilt, while the weekend winks at you from round the corner. Despite the Smarch weather that has forced you to dig out your Winter coat once more, things are starting to feel different around the place (although that could be the three-day weekend talking). It’s high time to gobble everything up in a rapid fashion before the week gets away from you, to help, here’s a list of things we are really excited to try this week in Dublin:


RUDEBOY’s The Donut

RUDEBOY have awakened the same monster that throws the entire container of maple syrup over chicken and waffles. The Donut speaks to something deep within us that knows it’s wrong and unhealthy to order fried chicken paired with sweet things but does it anyway. The Deansgrange food truck’s special is a massive hunk of Nashville spiced buttermilk chicken, layered with jalapeño infused maple syrup smack bang in the middle of a halved glazed donut. The image of the The Donut is capable of both constraining arteries and flooding tastebuds with saliva. You can find RUDEBOY out in The Grange Pub, Deansgrange follow them on Instagram for more information.


Mister Magpie Coffee’s Stick Crepes

These unusually shaped crepes have been doing the rounds on the Dublin Foodies’ TikToks over the last while. These Stick Crepes or as they are better known in Brazil as Crepe Suíço are the work of Mister Magpie Coffee in Saint Kevin’s. Fitted to a wooden stick, the crispy exterior made from crepe batter, is filled with sweet or savoury things. Judging by the TikTokers the go-to Stick Crepe is a Nutella-centred one with the outside artistically zigzagged with more chocolate. Mister Magpie Coffee are in Saint Kevin’s on Leeson Street Lower, visit their Instagram account for more information.


WingMan’s The Farmer

Collaborations have been cropping up between the most unusual of culinary corners, one of our favourites has to be WingMan and the inimitable JP McMahon. In keeping with McMahon’s purpose, The Farmer is steeped in quality Irish ingredients. The dry-aged Aberdeen Angus beef burger is topped with melting oak-smoked Gubbeen cheese, Galway Bay brewery milk stout, onion and bacon jam, with Iona farm mixed seasonal leaves, mayonnaise made from foraged wild garlic served on a soft seeded bun baked by Catherine’s bakery. The team whose food truck is located in Kilbarrack said that the slick looking burger “encapsulates JP’s philosophy of good food, sourced locally by artisan producers”. You can find WingMan in Naomh Barróg GAA Club, in Kilbarrack, check out their website for more information on ordering and opening times.


Salty Buoy’s Monkfish Fillet Roll

Just days after they unleashed The Scallop & Bacon Roll onto the hungry mouths of Dublin 8, Salty Buoy have stretched their food truck to the uppermost limit by letting the Monkfish Fillet Roll loose. The team admit that they may have “lost the run of themselves at this point” with the breaded monkfish, layered on top of mayonnaise-y-leaves and pickled onion, with what looks like crispy bacon delicately placed on top, all sandwiched into a roll that’s so crispy looking it looks parched and served with chips. Salty Buoy is in Harold’s Cross Peggy Kellys on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday and Usher’s Island’s The Digital Hub Thursday, Friday and Saturday, follow them on Instagram for more information.


The Soft Ralph’s Soft Serve

The team behind one of Dublin’s most iconic company’s over the last couple of years, The White Ralph, have thrown their White Russians into an ice cream maker and launched The Soft Ralph. The soft serve is alcoholic (hitting 7% ABV) and made up of vodka, cream liqueur and two top-secret ingredients. The malted vanilla soft serve is currently being served with a flake and sprinkles, but The Soft Ralph will be adding three different toppings to the mix over the coming days. You can get a spoon of the soft serve at the popup in The Bernard Shaw’s Eatyard from Thursday-Sunday, follow them on Instagram to hear more.


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