Here’s 7 places to get a vegan takeaway in Dublin

Words: Katie Gartland

We all deserve a little treat at the minute, January isn’t helping the fact that Ireland is in an absolute shitshow right now. If you’re a veggie, vegan or somewhere in-between it can be tricky to find the unhealthy vegan food you’re craving.

Whether you’ve been on the veggie lifestyle for years, you’re trying to cut down on animal products or just want to see how you’d fair during Veganuary; we all deserve to eat whatever we like. Sometimes it’s necessary to treat ourselves.

Here’s the best places to indulge yourself on unhealthy vegan goodness:


Good grief McDonald’s have set the bar low. In my humble opinion, the Veggie Dippers are absolutely gross, improved ever-so slightly when put in a wrap. However, I understand the craving for a McDonald’s and the special feeling of getting a drive thru. Their apple pies are also quite tasty and surprisingly vegan. The Dippers remind me of veggie burgers circa 2008: breadcrumbs filled with frozen sweetcorn and carrots. Whatever you’re into I suppose.
Have a look online for your local McDonalds, God knows it won’t be far away.

Photo: McDonalds

Camile Thai

Hands down the nicest vegan spice bag I’ve had. Absolute perfection, from the seasoning to the perfectly softened potatoes (not too soft though). Yes, Camile pride themselves in being healthy- if you’re truly looking for a bit more grease have a look at your local Chinese takeaway menu. However, Camile are a very good option for the environmentally-aware vegans out there and they won’t make you feel like you’ve been kicked in the stomach when you finish eating.
Camile have 18 stores in Dublin. Order from their website here.

Photo: Camile Thai on Instagram

Beshoff Bros

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a good chipper. Though often cast-aside as a takeaway option, having a good chip sandwich on a fresh loaf of Brennan’s is a feeling like no other. Beshoffs make reliable, delicious chips that taste even better when you eat them while on a walk beside the sea. Lots of vinegar please.
Head over to the Beshoff Bros website or pop into your local chipper.

Photo: Beshoff Bros on Instagram

Burger King

It has only just come to my attention that Burger King’s Rebel Whopper was taken off the market due to false advertising. They claimed the burger was vegan but fried it on the same stove as the beef burgers. Gross. Burger King chips are superior so it’s totally understandable if you’re craving a meal. They’ve substituted the vegan Whopper with a bean burger, looks about the same rank as McDonald’s option.
You can order Burger King from Just-Eat and Deliveroo.

Photo: Burger King


Humble Namaste are an Indian takeaway in Smithfield. They offer insanely cheap deals for a whole lot of food. You can ring them up and ask for a vegan meal deal and they’ll surprise you with their curry of the day as well as rice, vegan naan and poppadoms for under 10 quid. It’s so delicious and one portion can definitely be halved and kept for tomorrow’s lunch. It’s a win win.
Namaste are located in Smithfield. Have a look at their website here.

Photo: Namaste on Instagram

Dublin Pizza Company

God knows we all miss a cosy pint and pizza in Bonobos, you can still get Dublin Pizza Company’s delicious menu delivered to your door. Vegan pizza can be a bit hit and miss sometimes. Too sparse toppings of tomato sauce and a couple of basil leaves is a bit mean. But an overloaded pizza without an integral cheese bond can turn into a floppy mess. Don’t get me started on melted vegan cheese. Yuck. Dublin Pizza Company has developed the perfect combination of aubergine, rocket, tomatoes and pine nuts to create a stable, yet flavourful vegan pizza.
Hop onto their website to order.

Photo: Dublin Pizza Company on Instagram

Umi Falafel

It’s a rare occurrence in Dublin to look at a menu and see not one, but an array of veggie and vegan alternatives. Hoorah! We finally get to ponder a menu and make an actual choice instead of having to go with a few spices on a head of cauliflower. Shower yourself in hummus and falafel-y goodness from Umi.
Order from Umi’s website here.

Photo: Umi Falafel on Instagram

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