5 acts you need to see at All Together Now

Words: Dylan Murphy

The festival in Curraghmore Estate is bookending July with a serious lineup of local and international talent. Ahead of its return, we’ve earmarked the acts we can’t wait to catch live in the flesh.

More than ever, festivals are putting an emphasis on the overall experience and for lack of a better word “vibe” of a weekend. Food trucks galore, areas focused on mindful living and enough arts and crafts to kickstart an Art Attack renaissance. All Together Now, has all that and more, but when it really comes down to it; it’s about the music and they’ve pulled out all the stops this year with their lineup.

Different genres and artists provide wholly unique and incomparable experiences and we don’t need to remind people how starved of live music we were in the past couple of years. But if you are in need of a weekend binge of all the sights and sounds you may have missed, then All Together Now has you covered. We’ve looked at the lineup ahead of the festival’s return to Curraghmore Estate and picked some unmissable acts to see over the course of the weekend.



CMAT’s 3Olympia Theatre headliner sold out quicker than you could say “There’s a snake in my boot”. The country-pop icon’s witty songwriting and unforgettable music videos are coalescing to make serious waves and her debut album If My Wife New, I’d Be Dead has stayed in our rotation since it dropped.



Earlier this year, Or:la added Radio 1 resident to her long list of accolades. The Derry native’s series of shows highlighted what we already knew; she has an impeccable ear. She arrives at All Together Now as a label head, Essential Mix alumni and for those looking for a late night buzz, a strong recommendation from District.


Sad Night Dynamite

Growing up in Glastonbury, a town where the world’s escapists gather for an annual pilgrimage, it’s easy to see how otherworldly sounds and fantastical visuals crept into the music of Sad Night Dynamite. A duo as comfortable sharing a track with Maryland rapper IDK as they are chopping it up with South Africa’s resident shapeshifter Moonchild Sanelly, we’ve become accustomed to expecting the unexpected with the pair.


Strange Boy

Traditional Irish music and rap make a perfect fit on paper but few execute it as well as Limerick’s Strange Boy. Marrying traditional story telling and the instrumentation of a trad session with the worldview of technically gifted rapper raised on a diet of grime, hip hop and everything in between, Strange Boy is ushering in a new era of forward-facing music that keeps one eye on the past.



London born and raised, Sherelle has been a dizzying trajectory since her show-stopping Boiler Room set in 2019. Jungle, Footwork and DnB often power her high energy sets. Bring a bottle of water to this, things will get sweaty.

Tickets for All Together Now are on sale now, click here to purchase.