District’s Guide To Forbidden Fruit Night

There are many unique upsides to Forbidden Fruit, the curation, the stages, the location and definitely the after-parties. It feels almost surreal coming out of a festival and being so close to home, as well as having a venue that you know so well play host to big names paired with local legends. After the curtains draw on Forbidden Fruit for the day, Dublin City is converted into an urban sprawl of festivities for Forbidden Fruit Night. Here are some of our picks to keep the party going.

Fruit kicks off this weekend on 1 June, tickets are running low so click here to grab yours.


Interplanetary Criminal + AKSENT

Venue: Centre Point

Doors: 23:00

Tickets: available here

Sometimes when a DJ has a song that goes as intergalactic as Baddest Of Them All, you sit and wait with anticipation to see what’s next. The fact is, Interplanetary Criminal had his cult of garage and groove lovers before the hit, and it’s only been cemented after. Consolidating his catalogue and not chasing the charts has been a perfect move as now I.C. is one of the most notable names in his sound.

At the start of the year, AKSENT headlined Centre Point’s “Ones To Watch” evening, which saw some of the best Irish DJs show the people what they’ve got and it didn’t disappoint. His skills have seen him spin in Paris for Rinse and his own production have has us bumping our heads too.


Sally C + Rhyzine + Surka

Venue: Index

Doors: 22:00

Tickets: available here

For fans of a more European sound, this is perfect. Some groove, some acid and very much pure techno. Do we even have to tell you that Belfast-born Sally C is now based in Berlin? Transplanting that sound straight into the heart of Dublin, this lineup has multiple Lot Radio, Electric Picnic and other festival appearances. Your ears are in safe hands.


DJ Boring + Puzzy Wrangler

Venue: Wigwam

Doors: 23:00

Tickets:: Available here

Please do not be lured in by a false sense of security in the “DJ Boring” name. One of the most prolific selectors right now, knee-deep in a world tour which never seems to end. The trajectory of beginning as a lo-fi house DJ and ending up playing sets that melt minds seriously needs to be studied.

Puzzy Wrangler on the other hand are a fan-favourite duo who are equally as prolific within Dublin. Using their platform to showcase other female-identifying DJs, the Puzzy Wrangler ecosystem runs strong. Here, we’re expecting an absolute smorgasbord of sound, ranging from garage to hard groove to techno to jungle.


salute + Pagan

Venue: The Racket Space

Doors: 23:00

Tickets: available here

We’ve already sung salute’s praises on his work from behind the decks. It just truly makes us happy when we see someone having the best time sharing their passion with a crowd. A set with a smile is always a bonus and it doesn’t hurt that the tunes are some of the most summer sounds you’ll hear this year.

Last year Pagan was a pick for one of our favourite DJs, and it’s only been up from there. We have been loving his EP ‘What We Had’, released last year. A spacey sound, punctuated by drums for fans of Overmono, Joy Orbison or Nia Archives this is the one.