Feature / May 6, 2022

Top Ten Tracks: Caleb Kunle, Jordy, Artyn & more 6/5/22

Welcome to ‘Top 10 Tracks’, the essential weekly round-up of the best new music.

Welcome to ‘Top 10 Tracks’, the essential weekly round-up of the best new music.

At the end of each week, we count down the ten essential new tracks you need in your rotation. Ranging from rappers in the Emerald Isle to boundary-pushing, experimental producers and everything in between, it’s all hits, no filler.

Photo: Caleb Kunle by Andy Banjanin


Smallgod My Way Feat. Headie One, Eugy

Smallgod teams up with Headie One and Eugy on a standout track from his album Connecting the Dots.


Knucks Die Hard Feat. Stormzy

If it wasn’t obvious already, Knucks’ link up with Stormzy is a collaboration that is forecasting a big future for the London rapper.


Khakikid Woodstock

Rapping about the kind of night that goes zero to one hundred real quick, the Crumlin based artist is paying homage to the unexpected all nighters that have you walking home as the sun rises.



Taken from his forthcoming EP KMT, Jordy’s ‘ENEMIES’ is a no messing track from an MC that rarely cuts corners.

George Riley Jealousy (Prod. By Vegyn)

Concerned with  mood and headspace more than anything, ‘Jealousy’ is an exercise in raw expression. Roaming between the expansive spaces between Vegyn’s delicate touches, it’s a must include in Sunday self-care playlists.


Caleb Kunle All In Your Head

Irish-Nigerian singer Caleb Kunle is in his bag, with the euphoric ‘All In Your Head’.


ayrtn CAUTION!

After a year of no releases, London’s ayrtn is cutting through the noise of the oversaturated rap scene with ‘CAUTION!’. Gliding over  tranquillised production, it’s a future-facing track with a nostalgic quality.



Has the working week has made your fragile little brain completely smooth? Then ‘EMPATHY’ is the carefully unwinding, psychedelic goodness that will slowly make you whole again.


SiR Satisfaction

For better or worse, we’re powered by hustle culture, but SiR’s ‘Satisfaction’ commands considered attention and forces you to slow down in a busy world.


070 Shake Web

070 Shake is untangling a spider web of miscommunication and immature games with the kind of transcendent vocals we’ve come to expect from the GOOD Music artist ahead of her album YOU CAN’T KILL ME.

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