Feature / January 21, 2022

Top Ten Tracks: Emby, Yaeger, Yenkee & more 21/1/22

Welcome to ‘Top 10 Tracks’, the essential weekly round-up of the best new music.

Welcome to ‘Top 10 Tracks’, the essential weekly round-up of the best new music.

Happy Friday! This week, we have new music courtesy of Emby, Nrthrd drops his first cut in two years and Ivorian Doll returns.

Photo Credit: Tolu Ogunware


Ivorian Doll Boss

It’ll come as no surprise that Ivorian Doll isn’t playing around in 2022. The fast rising rapper has returned with ‘Boss’ continuing her hot streak of no-holds-barred cuts.


Pillow Queens Be By Your Side

Dublin’s Pillow Queens took to Instagram this week to reveal that they are set to drop their sophomore album named Leave the light on’ on April 1 2021.

The news comes with a new single from the record called ‘Be By Your Side’ which lands via Royal Mountain Records.



Drogheda based beat-maker has come through with his first release in two years. Taking the road less travelled at every opportunity,’MONARCH/TELLY pulls inspiration from influences ranging from Flying Lotus to SOPHIE.

Digga D Pump 101 Feat. Still Brickin'

Digga D reimagines the work of 50 Cent and G-Unit on ‘Pump 101’, a track that began life as a freestyle and has now arrived as a fully formed song.


Ac-130 Plugin Feat. JayEm7, Juggrite

One of Irish music’s most enigmatic artists teams up with JayEm7 and Juggrite for another ruthless cut.

(Photo credit @rhenderson832)


Crowd Control Collective THAT's JUST HOW Feat. DEZDOM & Lex Suntane

Ahead of their debut EP SUNNY FUNERAL, UK-Irish outfit Crowd Control Collective have shared the thrashing ‘THAT’S JUST HOW’ that shares DNA with the glitched out production of JPEGMAFIA and fearless energy of other punk-adjacent high flyers like Para Fiction.


Yenkee Soft Satellite

Whisking us away from the January blue, Yenkee has shared another dreamy cut, ‘Soft Satellite’ via Soft Boy Records. Speaking on the track Yenkee said, “I like to daydream and think about crazy imagery and ideas to write lyrics, and sometimes a song title can inspire a whole set of lyrics. ‘Soft Satellite’, to me, feels like a metaphor for being an outsider; like someone orbiting a group of people, trying to fit in, but never being strong enough or confident enough to be accepted, and just bouncing off the perimeter back to where you belong”.


Emby Radio Feat. Tomike

Two of the country’s most exciting forces have linked up for a soulful and considered neo-soul rap crossover.


Yaeger See You Dance

See You Dance’ is one of those songs we wish we could hear for the first time again. The sugary hook is a massage to our serotonin receptors with the summery production feeling like the sunset closing your favourite festival.


Fly Anakin No Dough

If you were still somehow sleeping on Fly Anakin after FlySiifu with Pink Siifu then here’s your chance to board the train. The Richmond MC has enlisted none-other than Madlib for ‘No Dough’ which arrived in tandem with the announcement of his debut album Frank.

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