General News / March 10, 2017

10 acts you need to see at Higher Vision Festival

General News / March 10, 2017

10 acts you need to see at Higher Vision Festival

We’re only a week away from one of our favourite days of the year, St Patrick’s Day. A day where we happily embrace the stereotypes that we’ve accrued as a nation of revellers, musicians, theatrics and drinkers.


We’re also a week out from Higher Vision, a festival of electronic music taking place in Bellurgan Park in Dundalk. There’s a few things that make it special.

It’s the first time anyone’s decided to throw a music festival on Paddy’s Day. There’s a train going down to it – not just any train, the Higher Vision Express. And it’s BYOB.

It makes a lot of sense to throw a festival on Paddy’s Day. It’s a national holiday, so plenty of people are off work (apart from the poor souls pulling pints around the nation), the roads are empty because everyone is down the pub, and unless you’ve locked yourself in a gaff with your mates and a generous supply of alcohol there’s not much else to be doing.


We’ve put together a list of our ten must see acts at the festival. Check them out below, and be sure to pick up tickets here before the date arrives – you don’t want to be the one person stuck at home while your mates are out making the most of the one day each year it’s your national duty to raise a glass or twelve for your country.

1. Dimitri from Paris

Dimitri seems to be a big pull for lots of people heading to Higher Vision – the Frenchman knows disco music like not many others do.

DJing for over 30 years, the man is responsible for hundreds of remixes, re-edits, and original tunes, and will be locking down the festival’s main stage to relive some of the pomp and excess of the 1970s.


FJAAK are a trio of young German guys who make breaks-infused techno.

We’ve interviewed them before, and they’re a seriously fun group of dudes. They’ll be bringing a full set of drum machines, synths, and samplers for a structured live set at the Techno & Cans stage – for a good idea of it check out their Against the Clock video below.

3. Denis Sulta

Denis Sulta’s only 24 years old, but he’s grabbing the Glasgow dance scene by its horns.

He released one of last year’s big breakaway tunes ‘It’s Only Real’ on Numbers, a label that’s dropped music from the likes of Jamie xx, Rustie, SOPHIE, and Deadboy.

That record’s going for €75 on Discogs at the minute, so the hype is real.

4. Julio Bashmore

Many of us will cheerily recall tales of Julio Bashmore in the sweaty Twisted Pepper basement, or the numerous other times he’s brought Irish revellers to the point of ecstasy with his approach to deep house.

We’ll be reliving our recent youth and praying to St. Patrick that he’ll drop ‘Au Seve‘ or ‘Battle for Middle You’.

 5. Altern 8

Altern 8 are a duo that epitomise rave.

Originating in the early 90s, the duo released a spate of music over the course of a few years that dominated the sound of British electronic music. Combining the 303 sounds of acid house, percussive workouts, and house synths into an undeniably euphoric rave sound, we’ll be looking forward to stepping back in time for their set.

Bring your own boiler suit.

6. Phil Kieran

The great thing about Higher Vision is how undeniably Irish it is. Along with its international headliners, there’s a spate of homegrown talent from both sides of the border playing.

Phil Kieran is a DJ who made his name in Shine, a club similar in programming to Dublin’s District 8. As far as we know, he’s the only DJ ever to have crowdsurfed at a Boiler Room, so we’ll be looking forward to seeing how rowdy his set will get.

As well as the more well known names drawing punters to the festival, there’s a huge amount of Irish DJs and party crews from all over the country joining in on the fun.  Below are a handful that we’re particularly looking forward to seeing.

7. Bobofunk

Anyone who’s been to one of our District parties, whether at New Year’s or at our recent No Love Lost event, will have seen Jonny Brennan, aka Bobofunk DJ.

Fun fact: Jonny also designed our first issue of District Magazine. Keep your eyes peeled for issue two in the coming months!

 8. DJ Deece

Niall Darcy, or DJ Deece is always sure to bring a party.

For a taste of what to expect at his Higher Vision set, check out our feature on his essential records, and our chat with him from January of last year.

9. Four/Four Soundsystem

How time flies… It seems only recently that we launched our baby sister site Four/Four as Dublin’s clubbing bible, and now they’re already hosting their own stage at a festival.

Three of the little minions that run the site will be playing the Four/Four Fort, and you can hear them talk about it in their Fourcast below.

10. Bobby Analog

We can expect plenty of disco and funk edits from Bobby Analog, resident at Belfast club Foundry.

Here’s one of his tracks that’s gotten some love recently, ‘When Will Our Day Come’

St Patrick’s Day can’t come soon enough for us. Be sure to pick up your Higher Vision tickets here, and grab your transport tickets while you’re at it!