General News / February 28, 2017

5 places to get pancakes today (and most days)

General News / February 28, 2017

5 places to get pancakes today (and most days)

You probably know by now that today is the beloved holiday of Pancake Tuesday. Who in their right mind would complain about a day dedicated to a delicious food (I’m still waiting on burrito day).

So in light of today being Pancake Tuesday, we’ve made a list of 5 tried and tested tasty places to get your pancake fix today.

5. Brother Hubbard

Located on the North side and South side, today they’re offering savoury and sweet pancakes.

Take a look at their special menu below.

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4. Balfes

Located in the Westbury, their pancakes look very glam and lovely. See their website here.

Double tap if you love pancakes! We’ve got you covered for #pancaketuesday. #regram :@to_be_in_vogue

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3. Honest to Goodness

If you’re looking for a big serving on pancakes and also the option for sweet or savoury, this is your guy.

& pancakes from @htgdublin after leg day

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Kick starting the day with egg & banana pancakes

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2. Lemon Crepe & Coffee

I’m aware a crepe is not a pancake, but let us be real, they’re deliciously similar.

When you’re working 9-9 tomorrow so #PancakeTuesday has to come early @danimator_dan #Nom

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Amazing buttermilk pancakes and bacon from @lemoncrepe getting me excited for Pancake Tuesday next week!

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1. Gino’s Gelato

Located on the North and South side. They don’t just serve gelato, they also do crepes/pancakes (and waffles but it’s pancake day not waffle day).