Art and Design / June 1, 2022

5 things in every Dubliner’s bag this week

Art and Design / June 1, 2022

5 things in every Dubliner’s bag this week

Words: Eva O’Beirne

Artwork: Paul Smith

Suncream or umbrella, anyone?

District has asked its audience what essential items they’re carrying around this week. From concert tickets to stylish bits, here’s your guide to what’s up and coming in the Big Smoke.

  1. Carton sangria from ALDI

An actual godsend, just in time for festival season. A whole litre of sangria in a carton. Easy to pack, not too heavy and perfect for an impromptu picnic on the beach or in your local park.

  1. A fast track pass for Dublin Airport

Due to the recent mayhem at Dublin Airport, they’ve actually cancelled people from buying any more fast track passes, so unless you have one currently in your pocket, g’luck pal.

@districtireland This country is so bad you can’t even get out #ireland #dublin #irish #culture #irishcomedy #airport ♬ Godforsaken place – Skelly

They’re like gold dust honestly. We’re wondering if they’re covered by the new scalping laws or if people will start making fake ones.

  1. Forbidden Fruit tickets

It’s officially festival season baby!

Dubliners will arrive in their masses to Kilmainham to (hopefully) soak up some sun, good tunes and plenty of pints.

As Dublin’s first and longest-running city centre festival, Forbidden Fruit will return for the first time in three years and we are buzzing.

  1. Iced coffee from Cornucopia

Equal parts energizing and refreshing – what’s not to love?

Our readers pointed to Cornucopia as a fabulous place to stop in and grab a (vegan) iced coffee to get you through the week.

  1. Suncream

Here you! Put on some suncream. Now.

13,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in Ireland every year – while you’re out and about it’s super important to give your skin some extra protection.

Even looking at screens all day can affect your skin, so layer up and keep yourself looking fresh. A great everyday suncream that will make you feel even more fabulous is this one by La Roche-Posay.

Featured bag of the week: Hot Mess Tote by CiaraMakesThings

Super hot and super handy, we fell in love with this spicy tote the second we saw it.

You can cop your own here.

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