Food / March 18, 2021

Filthy feeds that will help to banish the Saint Patrick’s day hangover

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Food / March 18, 2021

Filthy feeds that will help to banish the Saint Patrick’s day hangover

By Emily Mullen

Dust off the shamrocks, banish the snakes and order some of these

It’s the day after our much-beloved feast day. You’ve shoveled take-away pints into your pie-hole and consumed green liquids with much abandon. The effects are alarming, a post-sugary-cocktail haze coupled with the porter-induced trotters. There are only two exit strategies available to you:

1. You go back to bed, hide under the covers and wait for the worst to pass.
2. When the dry-wretches become hiccups, take a solpadeine and order some greasy gifts for yourself.

If you choose to take option 2. we’ve collected the top feeds that will assist you on your road to recovery:

  • Cradle a Vegan Chick*n Fillet roll from Vegan Sandwich Co. The chicken-less chick*n fillet roll from Smithfield’s Vegan Sandwich Co. might just be the answer to your curdling stomach worries. The plain or spicy chick*n, comes in a sourdough baguette, with a range of sauces or salads to go in it, if you are in no fit state make big decisions, just tell the nice people that you want cheese, lettuce, garlic mayo and your roll cut in half. Their delivery menu also includes grease-soakers like the vegan sausage McMuffin, chick*n popcorn, and a snack box, for more details visit their website here.
  • Shove a Little Bird McMuffin into your pie-hole. Reworks of the McDonald’s McMuffin truly are hangover gifts, long may they live under the golden arches’ corporate nose. Little Bird in Portobello is offering a lovely-looking McMuffin made of caramelised onion, house relish, egg, smoked gubbeen cheese, and wilted spinach sandwiched into a toasted English muffin. Little Bird also does alternative hungover food like a toasted cheese and egg croissant, veggie sausage rolls, and “Snickers” porridge, available for collection or delivery here.
  • Wrap your paws around a Daddy’s Breakfast Sandwich. You can practically feel the alcohol leaving your system and being replaced by meat juices just by looking at a photo of Daddy’s Breakfast Sandwich. The sammich is a layered masterpiece of two sunnyside-up eggs, rashers, white pudding with some lashings of Daddy’s homemade brown sauce. You can collect this and other zdaddy treats from the Rialto cafe, click here for the complete menu.
  • Mop yourself up with garlic butter fries and a cheeseburger from Wowburger. Something about Wowburger and pints will forever be intertwined, maybe it’s the proximity of the Wowburger down the stairs in Mary’s or the other one in Workman’s. Either way, Wowburger’s food has been known to be both a savor from the pints and a savor from the effects of them. The perfect buttery saltiness of the chips paired with the crunchy smashburger, is capable of restoring any poor soul to health. You can order Wowburger online here.
  • Calm yourself with some Chimac’s poutine. Korean fried chicken is probably the answer to most common ailments. More specifically the Aungier Street restaurant’s take on poutine might just help your hangover. Made of twice-fried chips, chicken nugs, sriracha candied bacon, topped with Adobo gravy, drippings of ssamjang cheese sauce, and a sprinkle of spring onions. The mix of chicken nuggets, chips, and the right amount of sauce and seasoning make this a superior hangover satiation. There’s also the stalwart cauli-wings and the K-BBQ burger on the menu, check out the Chimac website for details on how to order.
  • Clasp Camille Thai’s vegan spice box. For those that like to pretend, there’s the “healthy” option of Camille Thai’s vegan spice box. While some would argue that including a spice box in a list like this is reductive since a spice box is surely a meal for every occasion. How and ever, Camille Thai’s spice box does shine when it comes to hangovers. The box is filled to the rim with joy, also chopped peppers, onions, fried potatoes, and crispy tofu. If you are feeling iffy, the spice box is a good option since the contents do keep pretty well and can survive being thrown in the fridge for a few hours. You can collect Camille Thai or get it delivered to you, click here for more information.
  • Cry over an ALTA crème brûlée doughnut. The beauty of an alltaBAKERY baked goods can be too much for some people to handle in their delicate states. But for those that are able to handle them, the sweet dough and inner filling of the crème brûlée doughnut have been likened to a mother’s hug. Washed down with a whiskey coffee hot chocolate, the pair are sure to set you on your merry way. Unfortunately, the alltaBAKERY popup isn’t open until Saturday, for updates catch the team on Instagram here.

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