General News / November 13, 2019

A brief chat with Tola Vintage on their new store

General News / November 13, 2019

A brief chat with Tola Vintage on their new store

They’ve been supplying garms to the masses for 5 years from their store in Temple Bar and now they are opening another shop in a new spot.

Tola Vintage have been a huge part of the resurgence of vintage wear in Dublin. Specialising in trend led vintage pieces from the 80s and 90s, Tola sources clothing from all over the globe and their store and kilo sales have ensured they’ve been at the forefront of a more sustainable approach to fashion. Having been located in Temple Bar for the past 5 years, the brand is now in the process of launching their second store.

Their new store will see clothes exclusively sold by weight and we caught up with the team from Tola to shoot them questions about their journey so far and what we can expect from their new spot.

You are opening a new store, tell us a little about it?

We have been looking for ways to expand for a long time now and when we saw this location in Temple Bar up for rent we jumped on the opportunity. Over the last 5 years we have had so many events all over Ireland selling Vintage clothing by the weight and we have seen how much people love that idea. So we thought with the new shop it would be a cool concept to sell vintage clothing by the weight all year round.

What led you to opening a second store?

We have had huge success with our first shop on Fownes street and over the years we expanded to online and through our events. We thought that it was the next step for us to expand in Dublin.

How has the Tola Vintage journey been until now?

We have had such great success over the years. We started really small in 2013 and we are so surprised with all our achievements.  We have a small team who work very hard and have met so many great people through the business.

What can we expect in 2020?

The Kilo Shop will be open in less than 2 weeks. So I expect 2020 will be busy running two shops. We are really looking forward to the buzz of have a new shop and seeing how it is perceived.

How pleased personally are you to get to this point?

We are so happy to be here. It is something we have worked really hard on to get here. Plenty of sacrifices over the years to achieve our goals but when you see the progression in the business it really hits that you’re doing something that makes sense and all the hard work is worth it.

Do you think it is indicative of people’s appetite for sustainable fashion and second hand/vintage clothes?

We have noticed a huge change it the mindset of Irish people when it comes to sustainable fashion. The impact on fast fashion compared to buying vintage clothing is huge and it’s great to see Vintage shops being the 1st option for a lot of young people in Ireland.

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