Food / April 23, 2021

A carb-focused comfort food takeaway has opened up in Temple Bar

macdaddy_ire @macdaddy_ire
Food / April 23, 2021

A carb-focused comfort food takeaway has opened up in Temple Bar

By Emily Mullen

Say hello to MacDaddys

A large amount of kudos should always be given to food establishments that own their niche, of which the newly opened MacDaddys in Temple Bar is definitely included. Launching out of 5 Crown Alley on April 22, the MacDaddys team have owned the fact that they simply sling unhealthy food, or “comfort” food as it’s now called.

It’s the sort of menu that you think about when your armpit deep in pints or when you’ve got over the dry retching phase of the hangover and start to feel hunger once more, or indeed if you’ve been walking around town all day and require carbs stat. The MacDaddys menu is a pretty no-frills comfort food menu, selling all the good things like mac and cheese, fried chicken, and chips.

They’ve got no less than eight types of mac and cheese, laying things like pulled pork, slaw, crispy onions on top in the Pig mac, while the Shroomer is topped with mushrooms, white truffle oil and topped off with a parmesan panko crust, there’s also the Winger with Buffalo wing sauce, Buffalo honey butter popcorn chicken and blue cheese ranch.

There are also four types of fried chicken sambos served on toasted brioche, with the Sweet & Spicey offering really catching the eye, it’s buttermilk fried chicken, sweet and spicy glaze paired with slaw and pickles.

Three types of popcorn chicken are available served in house sauces, alongside fries and a healthy range of dips.

For afters (if you are able for it) there’s deep-fried Oreos served up with white chocolate dip.

MacDaddy are now open for Delivery on Deliveroo and through click & collect services on its website, find them on 5 Crown Alley in Temple Bar.

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