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Food / March 23, 2021

A new toastie truck has appeared in Greystones

Food / March 23, 2021

A new toastie truck has appeared in Greystones

By Emily Mullen

It’s a tall order

A shiny new toastie truck has rocked up to Greystones. Tall Boy Toasties is a food truck serving cheese toasties off Church Road in the carpark beside Greystones Dart station.

The truck is run by a very tall man called Desmond, a real-life “Tall Boy” (standing at a sturdy 6ft11 tall). This makes for a tight squeeze in the truck, but according to Desmond “he is committed to the cause…and some ongoing chiropractic treatment”.

The menu is small but perfectly formed, with cheese toasties made from Tall Boy’s mysterious melted cheese mix and Wicklow’s Firehouse Batch Bread. There’s a ham and cheese toastie topped with bacon jam for the meat-eaters, and a nice looking vegetarian option of a spinach and artichoke dip with crispy parmesan. The truck also serves Dublin’s beloved 3fe coffee.

Last week was Tall Boy’s first weekend in operation, and it looked like a stomper. “Had to top up and substitute as best we could to fill all the hungry bellies,” the team wrote on Instagram.

Tall Boy Toasties will be open from Tuesday through Sunday each week beside Greystones Dart station, check out their Instagram for updates.

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