Music / January 14, 2021

Alex Gough drops new single and video, ‘That’s My Job’

Photo: Nicolas O'Donnell
Music / January 14, 2021

Alex Gough drops new single and video, ‘That’s My Job’

Words: Katie Gartland

Alex Gough is putting himself first in ‘That’s My Job’.

Alex Gough has released a new single and music video, ‘That’s My Job’. The track appeared on his 2020 EP ‘FOREVER CLASSIC’.

‘That’s My Job’ was fully written, recorded and produced by Alex in his bedroom over lockdown. The final mix was done by Denzel Curry’s right hand man, renowned LA mix engineer Nate Burgess, who’s also known for Kenny Beats ‘Unlocked’.

The single is about knowing when the look after yourself, putting yourself first and helping yourself before you can help others.

“You can’t constantly look after everyone else without looking after yourself first. That is ‘That’s My Job’ in a nutshell right there”, Alex said about the creation of the song.

The 21-year-old drummer, producer and rapper from Waterford began releasing music in 2018. He dropped his first EP ‘FOREVER CLASSIC’, last October. The mixtape was inspired by ’80s and ’90s street skate culture, he took influence from the aesthetic and style of the era.

Listen to ‘FOREVER CLASSIC’ below:

Though 2020 had been difficult for artists, Alex garnered some attention after one of his singles, ‘Dear SJ’, was used for Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’. The single was used in the first episode of the award winning series.

Watch the video for ‘That’s My Job’ here:

Get tickets for Alex’s gig in the Grand Social in May here.