Counter Culture / March 9, 2023

All City Records implicated in transphobic social media activity

Counter Culture / March 9, 2023

All City Records implicated in transphobic social media activity

Words: Dylan Murphy

Twitter users highlighted the store’s Twitter account was engaging with tweets targeting the trans community.

On 4 March, art director Vicky Langan highlighted prominent Dublin Record Store and Label All City Records was consistently engaging with transphobic accounts and tweets.

The situation has been heightened by the fact All City gave a response that many people feel failed to address these concerns. In the wake of this, a number of prominent artists have distanced themselves from the shop.

We reached out to All City this morning with the following questions:

– You have acknowledged that the account liked the tweets, but can you confirm you categorically support the rights of trans people?
– Can you confirm if the person who liked the tweets is a member of staff and do they still work there?

– Given Trans people have always existed, can you clarify what you mean by “we endeavour to understand the new paradigms of diversity” ?

– What actions are you taking to rectify the situation?

– How can you ensure that trans people and others from all backgrounds feel welcome in the store?

We received the following response:

“I hope you can appreciate that the last few days have been a very intense stressful time for everyone here in the shop and it’s something we’re still deeply reflecting on. I really don’t feel like I’m in the best headspace to do an interview about it or answer a list of questions by 5pm today.  

We are working on the next steps for All City. We are reaching out to people for dialogue and we are open to suggestions and available to listen. I am of the deep view that our actions from hereon in will speak louder than any statement I would be able to make right now.  We are not taking it lightly, we want to get it right. We’re fully committed to doing whatever needs to be done to make sure All City feels like a safer, more approachable place for all.”

In the wake of the incident, Dublin DJ Jio announced he was stepping away as his role as Vinyl Sales Manager at All City Records.

More news as it comes.

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