Entertainment / January 11, 2024

‘All Of Us Strangers’ Featuring Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott Lands In Cinemas This Month

'All Of Us Strangers', courtesy of Searchlight Pictures
Entertainment / January 11, 2024

‘All Of Us Strangers’ Featuring Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott Lands In Cinemas This Month

Words: Staff Writer

‘All Of Us Strangers’ lands in cinemas across Ireland on Friday 26 January.

It’s not hard to understand why there was so much commotion when news dropped last year of a new drama directed by Andrew Haigh and starring Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott. Bringing together an Oscar nominee and co-star of ‘Fleabag’ alongside another pop culture icon sounds like a winning combination on paper. Throw in EMMY-winning actress Claire Foy and BAFTA-award winning actor Jamie Bell and it’s hard not to get excited. Landing in cinemas across Ireland on Friday 26 January, ‘All Of Us Strangers’ goes beyond headline grabbing casts and high profile directors.

High in the sky in the outskirts of London, Adam (Andrew Scott) is living a life of isolation until the writer’s self-imposed quarantine is interrupted by the charm of his mysterious neighbour Harry (Paul Mescal). As a relationship unfurls, Adam’s attention is consistently pulled towards his past until he revisits his childhood hometown. He returns only to find his parents (Claire Foy and Jamie Bell), to be living just as they were on the day they died three decades ago.

The surreal, queer romantic drama sees Andrew Haigh breath new life into his adaption of Taichi Yamada’s novel ‘Strangers’ which blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. Marrying emotive storytelling, stunning visuals and career defining performances from a cast that already has pop culture in its grip, it arrives at the top of 2024 after its premiere at the 50th Telluride Film Festival as one of the year’s most anticipated films. Couple that with stirring portrayals of loneliness and the fragile nature of our closest relationships and it makes for a compelling piece that speaks to the universal language of love and intimacy.

It comes after Haigh directed ‘Weekend’, ‘Lean on Pete’ and BBC limited series ‘The North Water’. Elsewhere, Paul Mescal featured in ‘Aftersun’ in 2022 and Adam Scott co-starred in Fleabag and made appearances in ‘Black Mirror’ and more.

Watch the trailer for ‘All Of Us Strangers’ below:

‘All Of Us Strangers’ opens in cinemas on Friday 26 January. Tickets are on sale now, click here to book yours.

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