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Food / June 18, 2021

Allta wine bar announce an immersive dining experience in Slane Castle

Allta Summer house @alltasummerhouse
Food / June 18, 2021

Allta wine bar announce an immersive dining experience in Slane Castle

Words: Emily Mullen

“dress for the party but no high heels advised”

Dublin’s Allta wine bar has announced that they will be hosting an immersive dining experience on the grounds of Slane Castle, along the banks of the River Boyne.

The team have described it as “a convivial dining experience” that involves a set menu cooked over fire, eaten out of doors, in the same area where the food has been produced.

The menu aims to celebrate the producers of the Boyne Valley and to continue “our tradition of using sustainable Irish ingredients and supporting the most skilled farmers, fishermen and foragers in the country,” the team wrote.

Created in conjunction with Slane Castle’s forty years of music history, the event will take place in the Boat House Field on the castle grounds.

Roughly 40 minutes from Dublin, there is a VIP taxi service available or some limited overnight accommodation available.

“There will be plenty of room at the bar for drinks before and after your sitting, and there is also a VIP taxi service available to make your visit smooth as possible,” the team wrote.

Allta Summer House menu

The Summer House kicks off on Saturday, June 26th, with tickets priced at €95 per person, tables are limited to four, five or six people, with punters encouraged to “bring your friends and family and take the time to reset and reconnect with those you have missed over dinner, drinks and music.”

Allta Summer House will be open from 4pm on Thursday and Friday, and from 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays, for more information visit their website.

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