Counter Culture / August 3, 2022

An actual hotel room is up for rent for €5,000 a month

Counter Culture / August 3, 2022

An actual hotel room is up for rent for €5,000 a month

Words: Ellen Kenny

You hate landlords. You hate hotels. Well, now it is time to meet the final boss. Your landlord is a hotel.

At this point, looking up listings on is just a form of entertainment. But in the way an episode of Black Mirror is a form of entertainment.

The InterContinental Hotel in Ballsbridge, formerly known as the Four Seasons Dublin, has advertised a hotel room for rent on for 5,000 euros a month. Of course, this is a literal five-star hotel we’re talking about. But have we really reached the point of renting one-bedroom flats for 5,000 euros?

The advertisements boasts that only residents of the “apartment” will have access to it. Thank you, InterContinental Dublin, for achieving the literal bare minimum tenancy requirements.

The InterContinental promises that residents will have access to all the amenities on offer in the hotel. Which sounds a lot like the private student accommodations with their own cinema room and gyms. A lot of money for a big let down.

The ad also lists the room as one bedroom, but two bathrooms. This looks a little off for a moment, until you realise that one of the toilets they’re including is “a separate WC off the generously sized entrance lobby.”

So you’re paying 5,000 a month for a public toilet that countless other people have used, and countless rich people before you have likely done lines on. If that’s not luxury Dublin, I don’t know what is.

We all love Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. As young ones, we definitely all dreamed of living alone in style in a five-star hotel. But I don’t think Kevin McAllister would put up with this. With the current housing disaster growing everyday, this situation is less like Home Alone 2 and more like The Shining when it comes to hotel-living.

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