Food / August 3, 2021

An Argentinian bakery just opened in the middle of Dublin 8

Food / August 3, 2021

An Argentinian bakery just opened in the middle of Dublin 8

Words: Emily Mullen

The team have promised a lot of dulce de leche

A new bakery just popped up on Dublin 8’s Meath Street. Bakeology Treats opened on August 3rd, along the busy stretch of The Liberties, where San Mario’s chipper once was.

The bakery which specialises in Argentinian goods will be selling the likes of facturas (caramelised buns), alfajores (shortbread cookies) and tortas (fried cakes) alongside savoury options like quiches and empanadas.

There will be a lot of “sweet treats full of dulce de leche” the team wrote, “because an Argentinian bakery is not a real Argentinian bakery without dulce de leche!”

Bakeology Treats will be open every day from 9am to 5pm, serving coffees, teas, “the best cakes and pastries in the neighbourhood” the team wrote on Instagram.

The bakery has been opened by Mar who is described as “The painter, the carpenter, the designer of the plan spacing of the shop (best future arquitect ever), the decorator, the boss who gives directions to the workers/builders, the instagramer, sometimes the baker, the best friend, the best aunty,” and Benjamin “The delivery guy, the Baker, the kitchen porter, the cleaner, the painter, the manager, the husband, the father.”

Speaking of starting the bakery the team wrote, “I’ve been dreaming about it for so long that we still can’t believe it. We clearly started this project from home cooking from and until any time and then without the help of @joyofcha we would never have been able to achieve it.”

“After 3 years and a few more months, we started this project (which today is an undertaking and which we love as if it were another child), with a lot of work, dedication and passion, working long hours first pregnant with gael, now with this baby and keeping my job at the same time, With many ups and downs, stumbles and stones in the clear path”

You can find Bakeology Treats in Dublin 8’s 43 Meath Street, follow them on Instagram for more information.