Art and Design / October 12, 2022

An Eco Art Festival is coming to IMMA this month

Image: @IMMA on Instagram
Art and Design / October 12, 2022

An Eco Art Festival is coming to IMMA this month

Words: Ellen Kenny

Earth Rising is IMMA Outdoors’ new exhibition featuring artists, musicians and chefs to celebrate the planet.

The Irish Museum of Modern Art will host Earth Rising this weekend, a new eco art festival celebrating sustainable ways to create.

From October 21 to October 23, IMMA will present over 70 contributors, artist commissions, talks and workshops all about our planet and enable audiences to participate, discuss, experiment, and innovate.  The weekend will also see a variety of food stalls and a vast music lineup.

Earth Rising with IMMA

Artists featured at the festival include Navine G. Dossos with site-specific installation “Kind Words Never Die” in the IMMA courtyard, and Em’kal Eyongakpa with an “immersive sonic installation” in the IMMA formal gardens.

The keynote speakers at Earth Rising are Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, who is currently who is working on the Low Carbon Design Institute, and Lucy Jones, author of “Losing Eden: Why Our Minds Need the Wild”.

Other guests at Earth Rising include artist Lisa Fingleton who will present her workshop on food security, “Drawing to Save the World.” Writer and artist Luke Casserly also offers a performative essay on the Boglands of Ireland, while the Breaking Cover Collective, an art group focused on the relationship between creativity and ecology, will show the results of their six month workshop with IMMA.

The festival will also highlight IMMA’s new new site-specific pavilion “Éirigh” in their courtyard that expresses the relationship between the environment, art, architecture and construction.

With a focus on citizen assembly, Earth Rising hopes to brings together a wide variety of eco artists to imagine how we can “plant the seeds of sustainability”. The Seed Studio will host a three-day showcase new ways of deepening our connection with the natural world through individual and collective art.

Tickets for Earth Rising by IMMA are free. Click here to register.

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