Art and Design / April 25, 2022

Anti-Fast Fashion Night to take place in Block T this Wednesday

Jana Bulochova @bylo_photography
Art and Design / April 25, 2022

Anti-Fast Fashion Night to take place in Block T this Wednesday

Words: Eva O’Beirne

Photography: Jana Bulochova @bylo_photography

On Wednesday 27, Block T on Bow Lane West will be taken over by collections of sustainable products, designers and slow fashion businesses.

Curated by final year student Rose Brady, the anti-fast fashion night will feature three different forms of slow fashion: pre and reloved, reworked and sustainable design. Commenting on the awareness event she said: “I chose this topic for my final year project as I wanted to platform Ireland’s hidden gems when it comes to sustainable design.”

“The event will also serve as a networking opportunity for so many students and graduates. Networking is so important for young designers and creatives, and now that we can host events like this again, I jumped at the chance to do it.”

The TUD Visual Communications class of 2022 will be hosting a pop-up art sale at the awareness night, with all funds going towards their final-year exhibition. Featuring a live DJ and businesses such as Halo Print Club, this night is one not to be missed.

Poster by Haloscoop

Featured in the sustainable space will be designer Sharon Sweeney with several of her handmade tote bags available to purchase on the night. In the reworked exhibition the works of TUD students Ava Brady, Ella Munroe and Alanna Connolly will be displayed.

According to Rose, these designers “represent passion and skill to rework their clothes, as they demonstrate their talents as they show how one can reuse old garments and make them into something new.”

Ella Munroe’s ‘Wearable Tech’

Tickets to the event are free and are available here. For more information on the project as a whole, you can check out the Anti-Fast Fashion Night Instagram.

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