General News / September 23, 2018

ARBU shares moving new track ‘Glow’

General News / September 23, 2018

ARBU shares moving new track ‘Glow’

Dublin-based experimental electronic music producer ARBU has worked with a diverse range of artists, he now releases another solo effort.


As well as DJing for hip hop artists like FYNCH and Bobby Basil, ARBU has been producing music for artists in the rap scene too. He has, however, also been putting out music more at home in a house or techno club than a basement full of MCs.

The reaction to his latest track ‘Glow’ has been “a form of rebirth” for him, and has changed his entire outlook.

“I was so anxious putting my own vocals on a track but with the reception that it got it has really opened up the flood gates.”

We asked him to give us an insight into how the track came about.

“The song began with a collection of samples I recorded from when I was in Germany this year, the track actually opens with the sound of a motor from an art installation a connection of mine had created. When I was away I didn’t have any equipment or instruments so the process began by just creating vocal melodies, writing lyrics and collecting samples to use as a foundation.

“When I got home the production seamlessly poured out of me because I had been away from my studio for so long, so the track only really took a day or so to put together. I done the vocals in one take, it was a pretty raw session but when I heard the recording back I was pretty happy with the outcome. I knew if I started changing things I probably wouldn’t finish the track, as perfectionism is a huge enemy of mine in terms of production.”

As well as a wealth of solo material on the horizon, ARBU is set to remain as versatile as ever.

“A lot of people would think that I’m honing in on the world of house and techno because of the songs I have online but my influences are pretty broad so I wouldn’t take them for face value. I try to write everything, I began music doing vocals for a metal band, then played folk music for years in my bedroom and only recently enough started getting serious about production and songwriting. I keep trying to reinvent myself in ways to draw influences from everything.

“I wrote a song with Bobby Basil for a track on his upcoming project ‘Isaac Nelson’. To say this release will be phenomenal is an understatement. Adam Shanahan and Shortcut took the production role for the project and their talent put together is just pure stellar.

“Been working heavily with up and coming hip hop artist Nealo for his mixtape that will debut soon, he’s has some serious will power and the amount of work he’s put in will show when the tape drops, definitely not one to sleep on.”