General News / January 29, 2021

Bebo is making a come back

General News / January 29, 2021

Bebo is making a come back

Words: Dylan Murphy

Will you be my other half?

In an era before timelines and stories, Bebo and Myspace were kingpins in the social media game.

It gave you the opportunity to ‘share the love’ with someone once a day, post on people’s walls and draw on their whiteboards. A simpler time. In Back in May 2013, the company voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Since then, it’s left a hoard of distraught users seeking old photos in its wake.

However, last night, astute social media users noted a new message on their site that said, “Bebo is coming back in February 2021 as a brand new social network. We are currently in private beta. If you’ve been invited please enter the password below.”

It’s currently in the beta stage and if you’ve been lucky enough to have been invited you have some time to tidy up your top friends and set ‘Jumping all over the world’ by Scooter as your flashbox.

Bebo has shared info on their site.

It did dash any dreams of recovering old content with a message on the landing page which read, “PLEASE NOTE: All old data and photos were lost many years ago and are not recoverable. Sorry.”

Click here to view their site.

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