Music / January 4, 2023

Bobbi Arlo and Last Apollo join Women’s Christmas at Workmans

Image: Bobbi Arlo
Music / January 4, 2023

Bobbi Arlo and Last Apollo join Women’s Christmas at Workmans

Words: Ellen Kenny

This woman-fronted festival taking place in Workmans from January 6 is in aid of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

Workmans is becoming Workmnás for a special weekend to celebrate Women’s Christmas with a huge lineup of female Irish artists.

Taking place from January 6 to January 8, the weekender is in aid of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre and will see artists like Bobbi Arlo, of all living things, Last Apollo, Lōwli and Sweet Lemondae taking to the stage. From indie pop to soulful rap, there is music for every woman (and man) celebrating the weekend.

Weekend tickets are 25 euro, while day tickets are 10 euro each. Donations to DRCC are also strongly encouraged.

On Friday, January 6, Women’s Christmas will kick off with performances from soul artist Jena Keating and rapper Sweet Lemondae in the main room. This year, Workmna’s is also teaming up with The Girls’ Room, Ireland’s first women-only nightclub, for a late evening of female DJs in the cellar.

Saturday has a full lineup in the main room, including Bobbi Arlo, Jackie Beverly, Katie Phelan, Reevah and Lowli. Nightclub Noctural Animals will take over from 23:30 to keep the celebrations going well into the night.

To close out Women’s Christmas, Dublin fourpiece of all living things, indie pop singer Last Apollo, alternative artist Lauren Ann and Saoirse Moncrieff will perform. According to Workmans’ website, they will also host a songwriter’s roundtable on Sunday.

Workmans also announced the addition of Efé, Niamh Regan, Rachel Mae Hannon, Hannah Horan and Gemma Cox. It is not yet clear what days they will perform.

Women’s Christmas aka Nollaig na mBán

Women’s Christmas, also known as Nollaig na mBan or Little Christmas, is the twelth and final day of Christmas. Traditionally in Ireland, this day was seen as a reward for all the work women did over the festive season. Women took the day off from housework while men were expected to pick up the slack. Women typically took this day off to meet with other female friends and enjoy the day off together.

Today, Nollaig na mBan isn’t observed in exactly the same way, with many women still working. However, there are several events across Ireland that celebrate the contributions women make to culture, politics and society overall.

The Irish Writers’ Centre now hold an annual event for Nollaig na mBan, inviting female writers to perform a series of fast-paced commissioned Soapbox pieces and sharing personal narratives on their views of home. There will also be a musical performance by ESSIRAY.

First Fortnight and HSE Engagement and Recovery will also host “A Celebration of Hope” at Smock Alley Theatre this Friday. Hosted by Erica Coady, this musical event will focus on celebrating the progress made in tackling the stigma associated with mental ill health, celebrating those who have struggled and found support for their mental health, and those who work to support and empower others.

Click here to get tickets for Women’s Christmas at Workmnás.

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