Food / March 29, 2021

Clement & Pekoe launch a collaboration with Ómós

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Food / March 29, 2021

Clement & Pekoe launch a collaboration with Ómós

By Emily Mullen

Spill the tea

Founder of Ómós, Cúán Greene has been brewing something with Dublin cafe Clement & Pekoe. Greene has launched Vintner’s Companion a drink that’s been five months in the making. Produced in Dublin, made with organic ingredients, the Vintner’s Companion is a low-ABV natural wine alternative.

Made from Clashganny Organic apples, meadowsweet, toasted Irish butter, and a blend of Lapsang Souchong and Indian Darjeeling kombucha brewed by Clement & Pekoe. The fermented drink is aromatic and smooth with smoky undertones of bruised apple, and toasted butter.


Pitching the drink to midweek restaurant-goers, Greene maintains that the drink is the perfect alternative to a typical wine pairing. “It’s a particularly good option if you do happen to find yourself dining on a school night. It makes it that little bit easier to justify any complimentary pours of sake or the temptation of an after-dinner digestif,” he said.

Combining a number of techniques used in the food industry and the beverage world, Greene said that Clement & Pekoe’s tea and brewing expertise heavily influenced the production of the product.

Launching through a limited run, the Vintner’s Companion will be available for preorder on March 31st through the Ómós website.

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