Food / July 26, 2021

Cuan locked out and forced to move from their Smithfield unit

Food / July 26, 2021

Cuan locked out and forced to move from their Smithfield unit

Words: Emily Mullen

The Smithfield sandwich shop opened their Dublin branch just a couple of months ago

Cuan have been forced to permanently closed their sandwich shop in Smithfield, due to an issue with their lease. Representatives from Cuan announced the news over Instagram, writing “our landlord decided to tell us that he wouldn’t be proceeding with our long term lease by locking us out of the unit, withholding all of our belongings, equipment, furniture & stock”.

“He is also in possession of rent paid up till the end of September,” the team added.

“There was no notice given or any reason for this insane behaviour; this has completely blindsided us, we are stunned. We’ve four amazing team members who depend on us & we, as a family, have invested our whole world into this new business in a new city so there’s no choice but to keep going,” the statement reads.

The team are hopeful that another kitchen, catering unit or food truck will appear for them, writing, “we’re not quite sure yet exactly how but we’re hoping that the universe, having firmly locked this door, might open a window for us somewhere.”

While only being in the unit for a short while, the team wrote, “We loved our time getting to know you all, Smithfield is a class place & we are very sad to be leaving, especially under such mad circumstances. We hope that life will bring you back across our door again, wherever that door may be”.

Married pair Barbara and JP Whearty launched the space in 7 Smithfield Square on April 4th 2021. This was the teams second business, adding to their hugely successful spot in Belfast, which has a cult following there.

Cuan placed an emphasis on “#farmtofork” and “#sustainablefood”, and throughout their time in Smithfield they used a lot of Irish suppliers.

Pre-Covid Cuan’s Belfast counterpart operated as an event space with a strong emphasis on community, something that the team is keen to replicate in their new venture. “Community to us is the hello how are you & the what are you at today & sure isn’t the weather lovely as you order. It’s remembering the names & particular fixes of regulars, learning those of new customers soon to be regulars. It’s the day after day of life shared as coffee brews, food cooks & conversation flows,” representatives from Cuan wrote on Instagram.

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